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Strange Slang Words You’ll Hear on The Slot Machines

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Playing slots is not only fun and rewarding. The gambling activity also gives players a chance to learn new exciting words.

Every casino game tends to have its “internal” language. Slots are not an exception. It is important to learn this language to elevate your gaming experience.

Thankfully, you do not have to struggle to learn slang words on your own. We want to take you an inch closer to becoming a native slot slang speaker.

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With this list of strange slot machine slang words, you will fit right in when playing your favorite titles.

1.     Megabucks

These are the most lucrative dollar coin slot machines. They only require £3.00 or 3 coins to hit the jackpot. The Jackpot prize is normally reset to a predetermined amount (10 million) after each huge win.

Megabucks is a part of a Mega jackpot slot system that connects around 750 machines. Developed by (IGT) International Game Technology in 1986, the slot has awarded millions to many players. 

2.     Big Bertha

Going through online slots reviews, you will probably not read anything about Big Bertha. This is because it is one of the largest slot machines found in traditional casinos. It was first developed as a novelty product.

The super slot machine features 20-inch chain wheels and is powered by 5 horsepower electric motors. Most importantly, a single pull costs £100. This is where its name “Big Bertha” originated from.

Big Bertha, for the longest time, was the main attraction in various gaming establishments. No one could miss it with its gigantic 10 feet wide design. It also inspired the development of some of the largest slot machines on the globe.

3.     Raining

It is not time to take out your umbrella when you hear the term “raining” while playing slots. This refers to the days when slot players used coins to fund their gaming activities.

After a gamer hits a huge payout, he/she would celebrate by listening to the sound of numerous coins falling into the payout tray. This sounded like it was “raining” coins.

This may not be relevant today because most modern machines offer paper betting vouchers. However, the signature of “raining” remains strong. This has led to some slot developers equipping new machines with the coin raining soundtrack when players hit major prizes.

4.     Hammer

It would be funny if Hammer meant you start dancing after triggering a huge win. It is a slot strategy used for titles with progressive jackpots and high payback percentages.

Hammering means that you have to play one machine over and over again with a lot of force until you win big.

Note that the hammer technique demands a healthy bankroll and patience. If you do not want to keep investing in numerous spins, this is not for you.

Because hammering was very popular back in the day, slot designers are incorporating it in modern slots. Explore this with games like Bustler Hammer, Golden Hammer, Jack Hammer, and many more.

5.     Pokies  

Different regions refer to slot machines with different names. Europeans normally call the title fruit machines. Americans will call them the slots. Australian slot enthusiasts refer to slots as pokies. Pokies are a short form for poker machines.

6.     Vulture

Slot vultures are players who want to feature on the list of successful slot players while preying on other gamers. They tend to hover around other slot players trying to take advantage of their winnings.

Rather than play slots, vultures prowl around the floors looking for credits that other players leave on the slot machine. They rely on these credits to cash out big.

It is one of the reasons casino gamers are advised not to leave credits on the machines when stepping out for a little while. It is best to have someone you trust watch over the machine.

7.     Scatter

This is one of the most popular symbols found on online slot machines. These can help you align multiple winning combinations.

In most games, scatter symbols also pay well when you manage to match 3 or more identical symbols on active paylines.

You can now become a more confident slot player after knowing the most common slot machine slang words.

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