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Strange culture energizes workforce at Imagine Integrated Marketing Firm

Posted: March 24, 2013 at 1:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Patrick King - Imagine

Patrick King, thought leader and founder of Imagine, a full-service marketing firm with offices in DC, Chicago and San Diego joins Enterprise Radio to talk about their companies strange culture that energizes its workforce.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Patrick King discuss the following:

  • You offer tattoo reimbursement and have an annual golf tournament inside the office. Sounds like a pretty strange place; how did you come across such a strange culture?
  • Does culture have to be that bizarre? Do your clients really care about that?
  • How about building your client base? What do you think draws them in?
  • Tell us more about your narrow focus. It sounds like you’re intentionally passing up business – is that a smart idea?
  • Do you think that specialization is something that other industries should consider? What about plumbers, photographers or other professionals?
  • Is this a concept that you see other marketing firms adopting?
  • You just mentioned integrated marketing, which is a phrase that’s going around a lot lately. What is it, and why is it becoming so popular?
  • That brings up another question: with options getting more diverse and expansive, where do you see marketing going in the next few years? Do you see it getting more complicated?

Duration: 9:20

Picking himself up from the depths of poverty, Patrick King has developed a legacy of creating opportunities instead of waiting for them, while becoming a completely self-taught branding, marketing and design authority. His entrepreneurial drive led him to create Imagine, a full-service integrated marketing firm that started with no clients, no connections, no funding and $14. Since founding the firm in 2005, Imagine has weathered the worst recession in decades while acquiring clients from Rolls-Royce to Chicago’s Resurrection Health Care.

Outside of work, Patrick is an enthusiastic husband, father, musician and homebrewer.


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