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Top Things Recruiters Are Looking For in Your CV

While you are troubling your head about how to write a resume, there is a high chance applicant tracking software would filter it out without any interruption of a human being. Applicant tracker is the initial thing you have to acknowledge before writing a CV. There are many other aspects to pay attention to. Keep in mind that this is your official bureaucratic representation which creates the initial impression about you as a professional and as a person. Universal truth is, writing CV requires time and effort.

Applicant tracking software

Many applicants and graduates make a crucial mistake in resume writing and applying for a job. Initial steps in career are determinative, so you’d better plan them in advance. Potential candidates send around ten applicants per day and wait months until someone will respond. Why is it happening? You may have excellent skills, promising progress in college, prestigious internship but no one will notice your resume. Less potential candidates may appear on the top of the filtered final list only because they realize how applicant tracking systems work. Most people are still in the mistaken belief that recruiters are reading every application.

General overview of the filtering process

Becoming a progressive candidate includes understanding tracking systems. Most giants like,, and Indeed are using 100% automated filtering recruitment. Only 5-15 filtered CVs are considered. The main principle of filtering is based on keywords and phrases. Every document which drops into inbox folder goes to system which standardizes it to a single format and grants privilege in accordance with relevance of key combinations. There is no universal list of such words. Every position has its requirements. In other words, your career luck depends not on your skills but on the words which you use to describe them.

How to adopt a CV to a tracking system?

This is decisive question in the first step of your career. No tips will work better than this one. Find way to adapt your professional identifying document to specialized software. Here you can find the following options:

  • Consultation with recruiting specialist
  • Ordering CV
  • Do research and write it yourself

All the methods are effective. Some people want to control the situation and do everything themselves. Others choose to rely on specialists and order research or completed CV online here Choose your method and apply thoughtfully. It will reveal you from waiting months and receive no response from the company of your dreams.

Reapplying is normal

Unless you were contacted, you can reapply for the position and write different cover letters. You have an unlimited number of attempts to play with a various set of descriptions. Some may appear efficient, others not. Make a research on how to optimize your resume and decide whether you want to make it yourself or you want to rely on a specialist. The most efficient method is creating a draft version by yourself and asking an experienced recruitment manager to adapt it. The more consultations you have, the better. Remember, if you are not contacted after a while, you can always try again.

Read the job description 

Here is a little secret. HR specialists are writing job descriptions. The same managers are creating a database with key phrases. It means that everything you need for successful application is already stated in the initial job description. The negative side of this methods includes optimizing your CV every time to every position which may slow down the process significantly. On the other hand, quality is always better than quantity. The chances that your information will be one of the top filtered are higher than


There is no perfect example of a good CV. In spite of modern technologies, there are simple companies with personal approach who are dealing with every candidate individually. These are companies up to 50 persons. The letter to such a team must be personalized and unique. Not only head HR manager can review your information but also a CEO. Research the company and assume how many people do they have. It influences the further decisions like the format, the optimization, and other. Formatting shows your organizational and other skills more than words.

Bottom line

Today finding a guide or a template online is a simple question that needs 15 minutes. Every CV and resume can look perfect. The most widely spread format in EU is Europass.  What makes you stand out is a good and optimized content. Read the initial requirements and optimize every single letter to the needs of the employer. It will grant you with the top position in applicant tracking and high rate of answers. If you are dealing with a small company, the chances are high that the letter directly from the inbox to the desktop of a hiring manager. In this case pay attention to personalization and formatting. While working remember simple tips for a successful person. Always consider a position, and you will receive a great variety of career choices.

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