Ray Gillenwater

SpeakUp, facilitating better communication with Ray Gillenwater

Ray Gillenwater

Ray Gillenwater, the Co-Founder and CEO of SpeakUp that facilitates better communication joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Ray Gillenwater discuss the following:

  • What is SpeakUp and what do you do?
  • What is your background and what led you to start SpeakUp?
  • How does SpeakUp benefit employees and team members?
  • Why is internal communication so difficult for companies and how does SpeakUp facilitate better communication?
  • What are the biggest shortcomings to effective internal communications?
  • Do you find that employees in general want to communicate but either don’t know how or are too afraid to do it?
  • In your experience, are people generally open to giving and receiving feedback?

Duration: 9:53

Ray Gillenwater is the Co-founder and CEO of SpeakUp and a tech investor/advisor. Ray’s most important role as CEO is attracting and retaining exceptionally talented people. With continuous input from the team, Ray is responsible for defining the strategy and ensuring that company operations connect the team to the strategy as efficiently as possible.

As a progressive leader, Ray was underwhelmed by the archaic processes and software tools in business. Frustrated by the inefficiency he experienced in trying to capture the best thinking from his teams in previous roles, he created the concept for SpeakUp – a way for anyone at a company to solve problems and generate new ideas.

After vetting the vision for SpeakUp with industry pros, Ray and Co-founder Keith Barney assembled a high-performance engineering team and financed the company’s inception.

Prior to SpeakUp, Ray was a Managing Director at BlackBerry where he was responsible for the the company’s Australian business. Ray spent five years at BlackBerry across three continents and managed billions of dollars in revenue. Prior to his tenure at BlackBerry, Ray began his career in tech at Verizon Wireless in California.

About SpeakUp:
Speakup exists to give everyone at your company the power to create positive change. By “employee-sourcing” the innovation process, the whole team can participate in solving problems and generating new ideas.

  • SpeakUp provides your team with a structured way to collaborate, instead of more chatter or yammering.
  • Through voting and commenting, posts are automatically curated – the most important problems and ideas rise to the top.
  • Collaboration in SpeakUp results in concrete decision making. Company Managers close the positive feedback loop by making decisions transparently.

Employee accounts are free forever with unlimited posts. Share ideas, solve problems, vote and comment. To gain administrative access and decision making powers, upgrade your account or invite a Company Manager.

Anyone with a company email address can register your company’s secure SpeakUp account @ getspeakup.com.


Web Site: www.getspeakup.com

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