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Douglas Lumsden the director of Space Saver Rowing Systems, an off the shelf supplier for all your rowing and small boats storage needs joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Douglas Lumsden discuss the following:

  • How did you start SSRS?
  • What was your first product for SSRS?
  • How do you build for ease of use and quality?
  • Can you give an example of a custom product you’ve made?
  • With your most recent product, the mechanical boat stacker, what drove the need for you to create such a machine?
  • Do you find that the way you store your boats affects their quality?
  • How would you respond if someone asked you why you build this equipment?

Duration: 8:22

About SSRS

Space Saver Rowing Systems began six years ago as Space Saver Oar Brackets, providing safe and effective solutions for messy oar storage. The success of the oar brackets quickly spawned solutions for the complete rowing shed, giving rowers peace of mind by letting them literally hang their performance on us.

Space Saver is built on a simple premise – the less time and resources spent on rowing storage and repairs the better a club will perform, and the more the rowers will enjoy their sport. Experienced rower Douglas Lumsden saw that there was a better, more efficient way to organise his club’s shed which would mean equipment was easier to find, care for and store.

By developing items tailored to rowing needs and which are heavy duty and long lasting, Douglas saw the opportunity to remove the stressful elements of the upkeep of a rowing club’s equipment. Space Saver Rowing Systems products are tested and evaluated in a rowing environment, by rowers, making them the best solution to a shed’s storage problems.

The first successful design was Space Saver Oar Brackets. The brackets have been well received by the market and have attracted many positive comments for their ease of use. Seeing the potential for greater improvement throughout a rowing shed, Douglas began devising solutions to combat not only storage issues, but occupational health and safety concerns as well.

SSRS staff enjoy “the slide of a hull through the water” but understand the immense effort required to get a boat out there in terms of resources, the dedication of rowers, club/committee members and coaches.

This intimate understanding of the way a shed works makes the Space Saver Rowing Systems solution ideal for your shed. We will work with your rowing organisation to meet its on water targets while providing you with the peace of mind of a well run shed.

To see pictures of our products, visit our image gallery or visit the video gallery.

If you are ready to hang your performance on us visit our Online Store and get your shed’s storage in order today.

Space Saver Rowing Systems


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