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Software Testing

Posted: October 20, 2018 at 11:49 am / by / comments (0)

Over years, software testing has become a requirement in projects that involve software development. This has, therefore, become of great importance because a project cannot be launched before it is put into test. A test is always the best measure of everything.

Definition of Software Testing

Well, it can be defined as the process by which a program is executed with an aim of keeping records of errors and getting every detail of important information following the quality of products or services. In general, software testing enhances software program verification which is then used in identifying missing requirements, gaps, inconsistencies, and the associated implementation risks.

Areas Covered in Software Testing include:

    • Usability
    • An accurate response to different types of inputs
    • Ability to operate as required
    • Acceptance functions performance in the most appropriate time-frame
  • Compliance requirement starting at the development and design phases

When we talk about software testing, it can be regarded as finding information concerning errors, bugs, or defects on software in efforts to offer solutions to coding errors, omissions, requirements gaps and so forth. It is highly crucial because software errors, bugs or defects are likely to cause dangers in the software program.


There are a good number of methods used to carry out software testing. These are strategies employed in testing products or services to make sure it behaves and performs in the best way possible. These software methods are mostly applied by the quality assurance experts to ensure development process leads to a successful release of the software.


This testing method is also known as the functional testing and it involves both the outputs and the inputs. It does not concentrate a lot on the type of code or the method of operation. Instead, it looks at the specific outcome set.


This method is also known as structural testing. It focuses on details of internal structures associated with software program or application.


This method mostly follows the agile principles.


This is a pivotal point that involves the structures of internal data and the design algorithms in designing and executing tests at the level of the black-box


This is a process of casual methodology conducted without following any specific plan or documentation. In this strategy, the tester operates by breaking the functionality of the software through random operation testing.


This method ensures application software perfectly matches the requirements of the business. These various methodologies include integration testing, system testing, smoke testing, acceptance testing, user acceptance testing etc.


This focuses on the operational aspects of the software application. They include usability testing, compatibility testing, load testing, security testing, endurance testing, performance testing and so forth.

Types of Testing

As quality assurance continues to increase, more options are provided on different types of software testing. These can be performed to enhance a fully functioning application of software. Here are the common types of software testing:


The first level of testing makes sure various software elements at the code of software level are operational and operate as designed.


This type of testing determines whether independently developed software units operate efficiently as connected to one another.


This mostly looks at the integrated system of software and hardware components in order to meet the requirements of the business.


This focuses on the application software to ensure it efficiently performs under heavy load.


This is mostly used in building verification test which performs reduced attempts in software operation.


This is a formal testing used to determine whether software application qualifies for the acceptance criteria defined by a client.


This type of software focuses on software application security. The tests are built to identify the vulnerabilities likely to pose a risk in the software functionality.


Did you realize how competitive the environment could be? And this has made testing to be a key to success in the industry that involves functionality and experience. Therefore, careful testing should be embraced, because it is the only way to ensure high quality products are delivered to the consumers.

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