Shifting to the Business of Life: A Survival Guide for Young Adults

Janet M. Nast

Janet M. Nast, the author of Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults joins Enterprise Radio. You will enjoy her candid approach and message to the every day events of life and how this will help young adults.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Janet M. Nast discuss the following:

  • Why did you write this book?
  • How about a quick overview of the book.
  • What qualifies you to write this book?
  • What was the one lesson in your life that you learned the hard way?
  • What would be the one most important take-away your readers should get from this book?

Duration: 8:20

Origins: Janet M. Nast is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada.  She spent her formative years from 7-17 in a few small farming communities in Michigan, and then relocated to Southern California as a young adult.

Professional: Over 30 years Janet has become a skilled presenter as an IT Trainer and Documentation Specialist, the last 17 of which she has spent with the Ken Blanchard Companies.

Books: Her first book, You Can’t Love Your Children Too Much, A Single Mom’s Thoughts on Raising Kids, was published (on a dare, with the blessing of her family and the encouragement of Ken Blanchard) on her birthday in 2005.  Janet’s second publication, Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults, was published in March of this year.  Both books were inspired by her two kids, Jennifer and Alan.

Hobbies: To keep up to date with the business of writing, Janet is a member of Publishers and Writers of San Diego (PWSD). In addition to writing, she loves to read, shop, sew, and is an inveterate advice-giver.

Family: She’s the proud mother of two young, non-boomerang adults, and grandmother of two beautiful children.  Janet and her husband, Tom, now live somewhat quietly with their two cats, Mittens and Bullet.



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