Serious Business is Really Done Face to Face

Serious Business is Really Done Face to Face

One of the things about the digital age expanding the world and nearly making it flat we often talk in terms of how digitally it has virtually brought everyone together. What many social media advocates and evangelist sometimes forget is that serious business is done face to face. Big business gets done when people get side by side at a table and work out details and that involves travel. With that in mind, social media has intensified travel, for there are more conferences gathering around the world taking place than 5 years ago.

Open for Business Radio Show is a weekly LIVE broadcast – Saturdays from 9-10am ET. Your show host are Jay Handler and Trey Pennington. You can follow the Twitter feed and interact at #Open4Biz and on Facebook. This show (Episode #50) was broadcasted on June 11, 2011.

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