Serial Entrepreneur Leading Innovative Healthcare Company to change healthcare through Digital Medicine

Ed Berde, the CEO of Rx.Health, a serial entrepreneur, who has led several successful startups, including Business Consulting Solutions and, and has been closely involved with two unicorn startups that are now in the billion dollar range, Clover Health and Rimini Street joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ed Berde discuss the following:

  • What originally attracted you to working at startups and embracing an entrepreneurial life style, and what advice can you give to new entrepreneurs?
  • Tell me about some of your previous ventures and what you took away from those experiences.
  • Can you tell me about how you got involved with Rx.Health?
  • What can you tell me about RxUniverse?
  • Speaking as an entrepreneur, what’s a notable difference between Rx.Health and some of your previous ventures?

Ed Berde is a serial Entrepreneur who has launched several successful startups and is the CEO and cofounder of Rx.Health. Berde joins Rx.Health from Business Consulting Solutions, a technology consulting firm which he co-founded and successfully ran for over 20 years. Berde’s technological insight allowed Business Consulting to attain quick success and attract prestigious clients, including Guardian Life Insurance, Morgan Stanley, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nestlé, Lazard, and ADP.

An alumnus of Villanova, Cornell and Andersen Consulting, Berde’s entrance into the startup world was as co-founder and CTO of in 1999, where he developed the site into an informational search engine providing stock tips, health tips, product buying tips and more before successfully brokering an exit for the company in 2001. Berde’s startup experience also includes directly running and growing the key departments of Client Environments and Client Onboarding for Rimini Street, overseeing employee and contractor resources based within the US and India, and onboarding over $16M of new contracts. Berde has also been a Director on the board of Clover Health Insurance, part of Clover Health, since its inception and continues to serve on the board today.

Berde’s expertise in startups was nurtured by the New Jersey based TechLaunch incubator program, which he entered as the CEO of the startup Retail Shopping Systems. In just 3 months, Retail Shopping Systems created an Android-based hardware MVP, landed 5 stores and began rolling out prototype systems.

Website: Rx.Health

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