Sency Shows You What’s Going On Right Now

Sency – What’s Going On?

[audio:|titles=Exclusive Interview with Evan Britton|artists=EPN –] was launched by Evan Britton in September of 2009 to show users what’s going on right now.  The site makes it easy for anyone to see what the public is talking about right now for any given topic.

On the homepage, you are able to search what’s being said and you can see the current hot topics right now.  When you perform a search you will be taken to a 2 tabbed format.  The first tab, shows you what’s being said right now and the second tab shows you today’s most
shared links for that respective keyword.

Recently, Sency launched  its real time search results for several major cities.  So, the user can see what’s being said right now by people insider
of – Philadelphia, – Boston, as well as 12 other major cities. By seeing what people are talking about in the given city – you can get a unique angle into the real time results.

The next step will be to take this data to show the user what’s being said inside of popular places such as Logan Airport or Dodger Stadium.

You can also follow Evan on Twitter @elbst23.

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