Selling Like a Pro: 4 Ways to Incorporate Personalization in Your Marketing Campaigns

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When it comes to marketing, every company wants to stand out, and nobody wants to seem like a carbon copy. But it’s hard not to be a copycat when you’re desperate to curate the perfect marketing plan. So, you may find yourself mimicking the marketing skills of your competitors. What fun is that?

If you truly want to stand out in the crowd out your competitors, while being yourself in the process, it’s important to incorporate personalization into your marketing campaigns.

Read below to find out exactly how to do that starting today.

1. Send emails as yourself, not as a brand

Emails sent out by companies do either one of two things: 1) annoy the receiver or 2) inform the receiver and make them interested in what a business has to offer. Of course, you’ll want the latter to occur, but how?

One easy way to do that is to take the blandness and over-professionalism out of your emails and start writing emails as if you’re sending an email as yourself to a specific customer. The goal should be to make each customer feel like you’re typing directly towards them rather than just sending out boring, mass emails to thousands of people.

You can still include your company name in business emails, but even including your personal name at the bottom of the email can give customers a sense of connection with the person who wrote the emails.

2. Use your face

Did you know that photos featuring faces are 38% more likely to draw attention and receive “likes” on many social media platforms? Using your face, the faces of your staff members, or even the faces of customers is a great way to boost the marketing success of your business.

Not only do the faces behind or apart of business make a company feel more local, relatable, and positive, but when you earn more “likes” on these photos, this triggers social media algorithms to show your photos more often. That way, even more consumers will reach your posts.

3. Say your customers’ names when talking to them

Whether you’re creating emails or newsletters to send to a list of customers or replying back to a social media message or comment, using your customers’ names while talking to them is a great marketing strategy. It makes them feel special, as if they’re not just “another customer.”

4. Aim to create meaningful connections with your customers

To create meaningful connections with customers is to understand them, relate to them, and befriend them. Rather than focusing on taking their money, take the time to form a meaningful, long-term bond with them. Talk to them, seek interest in their needs, and assist them as needed.

But how do you manage good marketing skills while being a friendly business owner at the same time? When you enlist the help of an agency partner who can help you run a successful integrated digital marketing campaign, this gives you more time to focus on what matters most: your customers’ satisfaction with your and your company.


Marketing can be difficult at times. And, sadly, there is no single, best, or universal way to market a business. However, one of the latest marketing trends to date is personalization. When you give consumers the impression that there are real people behind your company, they’ll be able to relate to your business more and, thus, be more likely to remain a lifelong customer.

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