Seeing and Leading in the Dark: Breaking free of chained in the cave thinking and performing

Mark Rogers

Dr. Mark Rogers, Founder and CEO at Insights Without Borders, who are truth tellers, mind shifters and idea ambassadors, and provide client-centered talent development, performance improvement, and organizational change offerings for enabling agility and adaptability to flourish joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Mark Rogers discuss the following:

  • What is seeing and leading in the dark, and learning to leave the cave?
  • What is the tension and drama that is creating the need for seeing and leading in the dark in order to get out of the cave?
  • What is the challenge of leadership today?
  • Given realities in the cave, what change should a CEO desire, and why?
  • How do employees get the opportunity to influence and change the culture that is relied upon for an organization’s success?

Mark Rogers, Psy.D. is a true Learning & Development change agent with a mix of expertise in clinical, forensic, behavioral, & human performance psychology. As an executive coach and thought-provoking collaborator, he has transformed global organizations (corporate, academic, and military) by ‘rebooting the mind through mental athletics.’

His progressive perspective has rightsized L&D departments and transformed the workforce through capacity development, real-life scenarios, and by reframing entrenched mindsets. He has pivoted leaders’ insights and approach to organizational effectiveness and human performance improvement; and as a team leader, he has synergizing efforts across functional areas through performance improvement, including during post-acquisition phase.

Mark moves beyond traditional MBA approaches in diagnosing unique business challenges, uncovering strategic blind spots, then implementing solutions that harness collective talent through action learning. Mark is able to read individuals beyond traditional L&D leaders and dives deeper in driving change and transformation from the organizational DNA Level in alignment with business goals. This is evident in how he is revered and solicited for his expertise by an intellectual and industry trend setting global network who value his leadership, strategies, and reforms in equal measure. He is considered a true critical thinker, progressive, action-oriented business partner who delivers results through vision and pragmatic execution backed by research and evidence-based strategic roadmaps. Mark’s cultural perspective is expansive having travelled extensively across the globe.

Those who know Mark regard him as an emotionally intelligent and transparent communicator who can ‘cut through the haze,’ helping leaders capitalize on immediate and long-term complex business opportunities with greater responsiveness and confidence in their workforce, emerging stronger from change and/or crisis.

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