SatisFillment: Your Proven Pathway to Power with Eden Sterlington

SatisFillment: Your Proven Pathway to Power with Eden Sterlington

Eden Sterlington, The Intimacy Officer, the author of SatisFillment: Your PROVEN Pathway to POWER joins Enterprise Radio. Eden is also a speaker, Life Reinvention Catalyst, & a featured columnist on, and hostess of the weekly webinar broadcast, Nocturnal Admissions. You can join her email list at and get your free eBook, As A Man Thinketh-SatisFillment™ Edition.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Eden Sterlington discuss the following:

  • What is SatisFillment?
  • Who will benefit from reading SatisFillment: Your PROVEN Pathway to POWER?
  • How do you think that SatisFillment will help the reader?
  • Why do you call your book an Action Guide?
  • Are you offering any special promotions?

TIP: Have business cards printed with a simple gratitude saying like, “Thank you for your kindness to me. My day is better for your efforts.” Be sure to give away at least three of them every day. Ask each recipient to pay it forward by passing the card on to someone else. Give one to the cabbie who got you there on time. Or to the barrista who got your coffee just right. Or to the perfect stranger who held the door for you. Be creative. But most of all, be grateful.

Duration: 16:16

Eden Sterlington, The Intimacy Officer, is the developer of the SatisFillment™ life reinvention technology and the Get Back to Passion life reinvention programs. These personal, specific programs of activities were originally created for her personal use. After dealing with several life altering events in rapid fire succession, she needed healthy ways out of her own overwhelm before the stress and pressure PERMANENTLY buried her under a pile of invisibility, powerlessness, fear, and pain.

She is edgy, racy, politically incorrect, and profane at times. Her boldness and directness are refreshing in a world that worships the ‘if-it-feels-good-do-it’ philosophy. In truth, NOTHING feels better than living in SatisFillment™. What is SatisFillment™? Great question! SatisFillment™ is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a system of achieving maximum quality of life. This system leads toward that kind of life most deeply desired. Simply put a life that is inwardly and outwardly congruent with your core values. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
It is simple, but it is not easy. Without accurate self knowledge, complete self acceptance, and consistent self control – true self intimacy is not possible. Without self intimacy, how can you possibly share intimacy (into-me-see)?

As Founder and CEO of Get Back to Passion, Eden has established a ‘edutainment’ company committed to supporting people – especially Change Champions, Wisdom Warriors, and Sage Soldiers (often blandly referred to as Baby Boomers or middle agers) with practical, do-it-right-now ways they can make improvements in their thinking, health, and personal connections. Anyone willing to look for healthy, effective, lasting approaches to avoiding, minimizing, or eliminating their pain deserves to find them. SatisFillment™ is here to provide a solution system. Eden is here as your guide and partner in your journey. Your life on your terms – doesn’t that just make sense?


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