Sales Sulking and the Misfit Nonsense of Demanding Fairness

Edgy Conversations: Episode 7

Life isn’t fair. It’s not even close to fair. Not in relationships. Not in the sales process. Not in negotiating, closing, or getting signatures on your final contract. Someone always has the advantage. And most of the time that someone is NOT you. That isn’t fair. But you knew that already. Your mom told you that decades ago.

And now, suddenly you get in the sales arena and expect that everything has changed. That unless you can do the deal on your terms, you’re not interested. That unless you know heading in that you have won that you won’t start fighting. That type of misfit nonsense is absolute silliness.

It’s tripe. It’s sales sulking. It’s you with a huge inferiority complex trying to guilt the world into giving you something you don’t deserve.

You don’t deserve fairness.

You don’t deserve honesty

You don’t deserve an even break

You deserve the opportunity to wake up each morning and enter the arena.

The lions may be circling. The crowd may be cheering for the other gladiators. But for now, you are alive, and smiling in spite of the danger ahead.

And that is something to be thankful for.

So stop the sulking.

Stop demanding that clients treat you with fairness.

Stop pretending like you are the only person in the world.

Start caring about someone else and you’ll find yourself acting less like a little whiner.

Heck, you might even start selling more.

by Dan Waldschmidt

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