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Robert Berry Gallery presents PerFlection and (im)Perfection: One Vision in Parallel Lives, a new show by photographers Paul Mondesire and David Mathison

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Robert Berry of the Robert Berry Gallery, a premier New York City-based virtual art gallery, presents, PerFlection and (im)Perfection: One Vision in Parallel Lives as well as photographers Paul Mondesire and David Mathison, whose new show emphasizes themes of reflection, contemplation and the meaning of perfection joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Robert Berry, Paul Mondesire and David Mathison discuss the following:

  1. Robert Berry Gallery is currently featuring vibrant works by photographers Paul Mondesire and David Matheson. Can you introduce yourselves?
  2. Tell us more about the current show at Robert Berry Gallery, PerFlection and (im)Perfection: One Vision in Parallel Lives.
  3. How long have you known each other and why did you decide to team up artistically?
  4. What is your inspiration and how do you know when you’ve got “the shot”?
  5. What is your favorite work in the show, and how can people find your work?

Robert Berry Gallery is based on 20+ years of expertise with the objective of identifying ground-breaking art. With a mission to identify and work collaboratively with emerging 21st century artists, whose work has the ability to positively and powerfully influence society, Robert Berry Gallery is a virtual gallery that finds and promotes the most significant artists of the post-digital world we live in. We work with art industry professionals, galleries, museums as well as advanced and beginning art collectors to establish award-winning collections that are both meaningful and hold long-term value. We secure the best artists across every medium from all over the world: painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, digital art, sound art, video art, and everything in between. All the artists we exhibit offer the public the highest quality in their respective style.

In 2020, the gallery has migrated from pop-up project spaces to digitally-based exhibitions that can showcase new works of art that provoke the emotions of the viewer, without the rigidity and high overhead that the brick-and-mortar model the art world has historically held onto. With a focus on service and excellence, we help clients find the perfect pieces for their diverse spaces.  We will even help you figure out where to put it, and show you how it will look. Robert Berry Gallery offers innovative art you won’t find anywhere else, viewable and clickable in a virtual gallery.


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