Rick Itzkowich Discusses How to Succeed with Online and Offline Business Networking

Rick Itzkowich, an entrepreneur, San Diego Vistage Chair, and a leading authority on how to bridge the gap between online and offline business networking to increase sales joins Enterprise Radio. Rick just released a new book, The Referral Playbook: How to Increase Sales with Proven Networking Strategies” on Amazon. 

This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in conjunction with the Author Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rick Itzkowich discuss the following:

  1. Why is business networking important?
  2. What is the mindset you need to be successful?
  3. What are some ways to network online?
  4. Can you recommend offline networking organizations?
  5. What step should business owners take to get started?

Rick Itzkowich is an author, serial entrepreneur, world-renowned networking expert, a San Diego Vistage Chair and CEO of a manufacturing firm in Mexico. As author of The Referral Playbook: How to Increase Sales with Proven Networking Strategies, Rick provides a game changing “how-to increase sales” guide for both newbie and sales veterans.

In honor of his father, Moises Itzkowich, 100% of the book proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA). Over the last 20 years, Rick, aka The LinkedIn Guy, has created turnkey products that meet a demand for tools to increase business profits. His QuoteActions®, Link Power Now®, Rock-IT! Referrals®, and Yikes! Workshop® have generated millions of dollars in revenue for businesses worldwide.

Rick is an official member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council and recognized as a Forbes CommunityVoice™ Contributor, his articles for Forbes are read by millions of executives. Itzkowich was born and raised in Mexico City and speaks five languages. The Referral Playbook is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon. 

Websiteswww.thereferralplaybook.com  | www.rickitzkowich.com

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Facebook: facebook.com/thereferralplaybook
Twitter: @thelinkedinguy

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