Renowned Artist and Master Counterfeiter Arthur J Williams Jr. Debuts Highly Anticipated “Dollabyte” NFT Collection

Arthur J Williams Jr., Master Counterfeiter turned world-renowned Artist, Writer and Inventor joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Arthur J Williams Jr. discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about your roots in Chicago?
  2. Can you tell us about your recent Art exhibit pop up in Chicago and why it is so important to you and the significance of the location?
  3. Can you paint a picture of what life was like as an “artist” while in prison, versus what it is like now.
  4. Now that you are making waves in this digital space called NFT, still unknown to many, tell us how you got there and about your upcoming collection.
  5. DollaByte NFT is your first official NFT collection,  set to officially launch in February 2022. These 10,240 unique NFTs are launching on the Ethereum and Terra Blockchain. Tell us about this collection?
  6. We know giving back is very important to you and it is what makes up your DNA, what charities have you/are you working with and why is this so important?

Chicago native Arthur J. Williams Jr. is best-known for his successful reproduction of the “impossible to replicate” $100 bill in the United States in 1996. Williams printed an estimated $10 million dollars in fabricated money before landing himself in prison for nearly seven years. Throughout his incarceration, Williams furthered his talent by taking art classes, and studying the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, attempting to combine their techniques with his talent.

His big break came during Art Basel in Miami when he caught the attention of representatives for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s after-school program, After-School All-Stars, who invited him to one of the actor’s fundraisers at his home in L.A. Williams’s art raised more than $180,000 for the charity.

On Thursday, January 6, 2022, Arthur J Williams Jr. debuted the first of his highly anticipated “Dollabyte” NFT collection (  at the Michael Terpin-hosted NiftyAgenda by CoinAgenda and Think:NFT Launch Party Event during CES in Las Vegas.

The event included a preview gallery from the leaders of the hottest upcoming NFT drops, commentary by top NFT and Crypto industry leaders, and musical performances by Pink Floyd Saxophonist and Think:NFT founder Scott Page as well as thought provoking and insightful NFT presentations by a select few of the highlighted NFT creators. 

DollaByte NFT is the first official NFT collection by Arthur J Williams Jr. set to officially launch in February 2022. These 10,240 unique NFTs are launching on the Ethereum and Terra Blockchain.

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