Remote Work Is Here to Stay. Here’s How to Make It More Human

Dr. Diane Lennard, a professor of management communication at NYU Stern School of Business & the author of Coaching Models; Strategic Communication at Work; and Humanizing the Remote Experience through Leadership and Coaching joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Diane Lennard discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell us about your remote experiences that led you to write this book?
  2. You write that humanizing the remote experience involves meeting the innate human needs for connection: safety and comfort, understanding, and belonging. What are some of the warning signals that a particular need is not being met?
  3. What are some ways to effectively manage our energy, avoid cognitive overload, and prevent burnout when interacting virtually?
  4. What does taking a human-centered approach to the remote experience involve, and what are specific ways we can prioritize the human side of work, learning, and social interactions?
  5. As an educator and communication coach working remotely and in person, what are some of the differences between interacting in a 2-D environment and in person?
  6. How can we adapt our ways of interacting remotely to meet the human need for belonging?

Dr. Diane Lennard is a professor of management communication at NYU Stern School of Business and a communication coach for executives, teams, educators, and professionals. She has taught courses on strategic team communication and engaging audiences and served as the Director of Langone Education and as a faculty development consultant for Stern’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. She is the founder of Lennard & Company, a firm that provides communication coaching to educational institutions, corporations, and individuals who want to expand their communication abilities in diverse work settings. A leading expert in workplace communication, she is the author of Coaching Models: A Cultural Perspective, Strategic Communication at Work: The Impact Paradigm, and Humanizing the Remote Experience through Leadership and Coaching: Strategies for Better Virtual Connections (Routledge; September 2, 2022).

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