How to Know if You Need Repairs or a New Roof

How do you know it is time for a new roof or a repair job? Well, there are several signs that you need to look out for. We will be sharing some of these signs here, which should help you decide on the specific project to get for your house.

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Ignoring some of these signs could prove dangerous. Luckily, you can always find a reliable service Fort Worth roof repair and deal with them before they become a mountain.

Here are 5 main signs:

1. A Roof More Than 20 Years Old

Most roofs in Fort Worth, TX, are made from Asphalt shingles. This is an excellent material that is easy to install and can withstand elements a lot better than other materials. And that is why experienced roofers Fort Worth TX recommend them.

However, these roofs, like any other, have a lifespan. They can last for 15 to 20 years. So, if your roof is about 15 years old, you should start seeing more demands for repair work. Beyond this, the roof may be too old for repairs, forcing you to do a full replacement.

Roofs age differently depending on the specific material, climate, installation technique, and more. You should know how long the roof has been on the house and find the best solution.

2. Issues with the Shingles

Does your roof have missing, broken, or torn shingles? This happens a lot when the roof is exposed to elements. It could already be causing leaks, even when you haven’t noticed yet.

You can hire experienced roofers from Fort Worth for a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage. If the effect is only in a small area or not too badly torn, a simple repair job should fix them. But if you see an extensive surface with broken shingles, you may need to replace the whole system. It could be that even the supporting roof structure underneath has been affected.

3. Corrosion Along the Roof Valleys

One of the main components of a roofing system is the roof valleys. These are V-shaped channels that run down along the roof’s angles. You can always check them to determine your roof’s status.

Roof valleys can easily trap leaves and other debris that prevent water flow. Dripping and overflowing water on the roof will soon cause rusting on the roof. The rust can cause a gradual leak that can only get worse with time.

Let a professional Fort Worth roof repair service inspect it carefully and determine whether it needs repairing or a complete do-over.

4. Mold and Moss Growth

Shingle roofs are the most vulnerable to mold and moss growth. This happens on the side of the roof, not exposed to sunlight. For example, you will notice it more on the north side and in areas covered in trees. Water gets under the shingles and soaks within the underlayment. Eventually, the whole house will have mold issues.

You can simply brush it off and clean the roof thoroughly using a broom for mild mold. Mild chemical cleaners are also used to prevent even future growth. Be very careful when washing, though, as this could damage the shingles and force a complete replacement. Badly damaged roofs due to mold issues will definitely require a replacement.

5. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is done in the areas with joints on the roof, including the roof valleys, chimneys, skylights, and vents. Corrosion-resistant materials are used in such areas to redirect water and prevent leaks. A damaged flashing risks roof damage and must be repaired quickly. If the damage is extensive, it would be best to have a new roof installed.

These six signs should tell you the status of your roof. Call us for professional roof inspection and repair services, and we will advise you on what to do. We will also share tips for proper roof maintenance.

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