Reel Potential, helping people maximize their true potential

Scott DiGiammarino the CEO and Founder of Reel Potential joins Enterprise Radio. Scott’s passion is helping people maximize their true potential. He’s also dedicated his entire career to the development of leaders throughout the financial services industry.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Scott DiGiammarino discuss the following:

  • Why don’t you tell our audience about your company Reel Potential. How did you get started, what does your company do and where do you hope to take the company over the next few years?
  • Give us a few examples of some success stories of how your company has made a difference for your clients when they come to reel potential to use their services. Also what are the different services you provide at your company for potential clients.
  • As an entrepreneur, who started your own company, what advice do you have for entrepreneurs or someone that’s thinking of starting their own business?
  • You changed jobs in order to start your own business. How difficult was that decision and why were you so confident that your business would succeed?
  • What are your target clients and target audience for your services? What can companies and individuals get when they use your various services?
  • Why are movies and movie clips so powerful and such an important tool that you use?

Duration: 20:36

Scott DiGiammarino is the CEO and Founder of Reel Potential. For the past 25 years, Scott was a senior executive for Ameriprise Financial (formerly American Express Financial Advisors). In that time, he had record-breaking results on a consistent basis, including bringing his organization from worst to first in his first 12 months.

During his tenure, he had best in class production, retention, profitability, leadership development and employee survey scores. Scott has achieved many awards during his career including: Leader of the Decade, the Premier Performer, and the prestigious Diamond Ring. Scott’s passion is helping people maximize their true potential. He’s also dedicated his entire career to the development of leaders throughout the financial services industry.

Finally, Scott is an in demand, key-note speaker. And he uses licensed movie clips to support his messages.


When Scott came into his new role, he had 31 employees in 1992. It would be an easy job to grow given that everybody was in one office. But as his scope expanded to over 200 offices, he realized that he’d have to get creative in order to continue to add value, and in doing so, get best efforts from every employee he had on a day-to-day basis. There were massive changes in the workplace at the time: shortened attention spans, new technology, different learning styles based on different generations, a widening gap between the top 20% and everybody else, and on top of all of this, he was asked to do more, with less, and the demands on his time became overwhelming. He had to find an innovative way to communicate, engage and inspire his troops. And, he had to make it short, entertaining and memorable.

One of Scott’s principles was that he believed that if you help people develop, from a personal perspective, they would flourish in all aspects of life, including business. So, he decided to use his love for movies as his way of engaging his employees on a daily basis. So, once a day, he would choose a theme. Courage, perseverance, teamwork, hope, integrity, were just a few of them. He would then show a movie clip that pertained to the theme and would follow up with questions about people’s personal experience with the themes. The stories were incredible. And he found that the experience not only lifted the spirits of his organization, but it helped them make better, principle based decisions, especially when the boss wasn’t around, because they could remember the clip.

Scott’s success was so vast, that he decided to build a turn-key system for other companies. He started Reel Potential in 2009. His mission is to use Hollywood movie clips and the best of the web to help business leaders inspire, engage, and communicate to employees and students, worldwide.


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