Reducing the spread of disease with the Bedscroll


Rich Cordero, the Founder of the Bedscroll, an innovative and revolutionary health care product that is revolutionizing the way you feel about clean which reduces the spread of disease again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rich Cordero discuss the following:

  • For those that missed the last time you were with us, tell us about Bedscroll.
  • What the inspiration that led to the creation of Bedscroll?
  • The Bedscroll offers a number of innovative and effective advantages. Tell us about these strengths.
  • What are some of the benefits or competitive advantages that distinguish the Bedscroll as a leader within its respective area of business?

Duration: 11:19

Aids for daily living involve health care products that meet the highest standards of research, reliability and efficacy. Combining those strengths with affordable pricing is the mission of Bedscroll. Our patented sheet, which features hospital-grade, microbial fibers and foam to guard against the spread of disease, is ideal for personal and professional use: easy to clean and free of the dangers associated with cross-contamination from laundering, Bedscroll is extremely non-porous; and thus helps to prevent bacteria from adhering to this material.

Bear in mind that reducing the risk of potentially deadly bacteria is a public health necessity; it cannot be – it must never become – a secondary issue, something we relegate to some overlooked wish list of medical reforms. Instead, Bedscroll reduces the chances for disease to spread and contaminate all manner of common areas, including beds, blankets, towels, pillows and other fabrics. Best of all, Bedscroll is portable, resilient and simple to maintain.

Those advantages are a key advance in aids for daily living because consumers deserve a high quality product, backed by a team of professionals who make safety a top priority. Our belief in protecting people is a founding principle that guides all our research and development. That dedication to safety is – and shall always be – our investment in the promotion of good health worldwide.



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