Recognizing Women’s Leadership with Tiffani Lennon

Tiffani Lennon

Tiffani Lennon, author of the new book “Recognizing Women’s Leadership” joins Enterprise Radio. Tiffani teaches in the Law and Society Program at Colorado Women’s College of the University of Denver.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Tiffani Lennon discuss the following:

  • In your book Recognizing Women’s Leadership you uncovered proof that women are outperforming men—yet their salaries are lagging behind men. Why is this happening?
  • You say in the book that “The valuable contributions that women make to stimulating economic progress, providing innovative solutions to existing problems, and capitalizing on new opportunities need to be recognized while myths surrounding  women entrepreneurs need to be debunked.”  What are some of those myths?
  • What are the differences between women’s leadership roles in the corporate world versus small business or in startups?
  • You write in the book, “Thousands of entrepreneurs launch businesses each year, and many do not succeed. Women are far less likely to receive venture capital investments, lead venture capital firms, or be among the top investors.” Why is this the case?
  • What can women entrepreneurs do to help better their chances for success either in terms of raising capital or going it alone?

Duration: 11:10

Tiffani Lennon teaches in the Law and Society Program at Colorado Womens College of the University of Denver. She teaches Intro to Law and Society, Sociolegal Concepts, Dimensions of Justice, Advocacy, and Regulations. Lennon has also taught Feminist Studies, Constitutional Law, Criminal Justice and the Social Structure, and Criminal Procedure. Research interests include economic and political security, and feminist political economics.

As a criminal defense and appellate attorney, Lennon challenged constitutional rights violations in state and federal courts. She has won cases involving illegal sentencing by the Bureau of Prisons, sought asylum for refugees escaping political persecution, and appealed several Department of Homeland Security decisions adversely affecting client rights to remain in the U.S.

Lennon has also worked for several national non-profits and advocacy organizations as a policy analyst and community advocate. Finally, she has published numerous reports and papers addressing societal inequities particularly in education. Lennon has been honored with several awards including the Martindale-Hubbell and Lexis Nexis Exemplary Public Good Award.

Finally, she has served on a variety of University groups and committees such as the Faculty Senate, Diversity Advocates, Academic Planning, and Community Engagement and Service-Learning Faculty Scholars. She also chaired the graduate admissions and recruitment committee for the Vice Provost’s Office, and co-chaired the strategic planning committee for Colorado Women’s College.

Tiffani Lennon - Recognizing Women's Leadership


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