Raw, Decarb and Pure CBD Oil: What is the Difference?

Decarboxylated CBD Oil

Decarboxylation is something that applies to cannabis as a whole. You can use decarboxylation to convert inactive compounds into active. It will help enhance its benefits. When used in the production of CBD, decarboxylation will change acidic cannabinoids in the cannabis plant to something that is non-acidic and more potent.

You won’t find naturally occurring CBD or THC in the hemp plant without this method. CBDA and THCA are the uncarboxylated forms. If you want to achieve certain results, decarboxylation is a necessary process. It’s not to be confused with something that is unnatural and uses chemicals. This is a very safe practice that will still produce a beneficial CBD product.

Raw CBD Oil

The first extraction that is produced as CBD oil is considered to be in a raw form. This product is not filtered or exposed to any level of heat. Decarboxylation is not used.

You’ll find that this product contains CBD, but it also will contain CBDa. This is one of the strongest forms of CBD that you’ll be able to purchase. It’s often sold in the form of a paste. As with any other health supplement, you want to use something that is in its more raw form. When you over process something, this can reduce the natural benefits that you will be able to experience.

These studies proved that cannabidiol-based products like CBD oil that companies like Honest Hemp distribute, for example, could enhance the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for pain regulation, digestion, reproduction, motor skills, stress, memory, and regulating appetite.

Raw CBD oil is a lot like eating raw fruits and vegetables. When you cook fruits and veggies, they still have a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals that your body will benefit from. However, eating them raw is a lot better for you overall. The same goes with CBD. The less processed a product is, the better you will feel overall.

Pure CBD Oil

Pure CBD oil by The Armour Group tends to be grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. There are no chemicals that are used during the extraction or manufacturing of the final product. The result is a very pure and potent CBD product that provides numerous health benefits.

A product that is listed as ‘Pure CBD Oil’ should also come with a third-party lab result sheet to prove the integrity of the product. This is a similar sales technique that a lot of food companies utilize. They will label their products as ‘natural’. This is in hopes of making people feel like they’re consuming a safe or organic product. In fact, there isn’t anything organic or safe about that product when you start to do some research. Chemicals in general can be very damaging to our bodies and immune systems.

It’s ideal to find a CBD product that hasn’t used anything to speed up the growth process of the cannabis plant or used chemicals for extraction purposes. It’s the same concept of organic produce that hasn’t used chemicals to produce a larger final product.

Final Thoughts

When you’re thinking about taking raw, pure of decarboxylated CBD oil, you’ll want to understand the full range of benefits that you can achieve. All of these processes will use CO2 extraction. No excessive amounts of heat are used, which results in a very potent product.

You’ll not only get the full range of CBD that you’re looking for, but you’ll also benefit from the other enzymes and vitamins that come from a product. You can also find other cannabinoids in the mix. CBDA, CBC, CBV and CBG are all common cannabinoids that provide excellent health benefits like reduction of inflammation, reducing chronic pain, alleviating anxiety and reducing seizure activity. You might be paying a little more for this product, but it’s important that you get what you pay for.

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