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Rally Bus: Crowdpowered Pop-up Mass Transit Makes Traveling to Events Easier and Fun

Numaan Akram

Numaan Akram, CEO and Founder of Rally Bus that crowdsources riders across digital channels providing chartered luxury buses to large events such as concerts, festivals, sporting games, and rallies joins Enterprise Radio and the Travel Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Numaan Akram discuss the following:

  • What problem is Rally Bus solving and how does it work?
  • Has the pop-up mass transit message caught-on?
  • Outside of your direct-to-consumer booking service, are you producing ridership through other means?
  • How does mass transit help sports teams and event organizers drive attendance to their event?
  • What advancements in Rally Bus could you see coming in 2016?

Summary:  The problems are real: DUIs, gas price uncertainty, traffic stress and parking woes.  However, the solution is as well.  Although mass-transit is inherently viewed as a secondary travel option by most people, it’s rapidly becoming the primary  choice for many people moving into cities and convenience seekers.  With the rise of Uber, Lyft and other personal driving services, it’s only a natural progression for people to use this digital age’s crowdsourcing behavior to come together and travel together.

Technologist by trade, and raised as an entrepreneur, Numaan Akram built his career consulting for companies large and small. Getting exposure in many industries by working for development first, he then specialized in the media and ad-tech industries. Responsible for creating and mentoring teams, Numaan has architected enterprise applications and seen them through full system development lifecycles.

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Akram originally conceived Rally Bus as a response to a grassroots rally in DC and personally built a website allowing for social aggregation of trips. Since then, he has applied the concept to events of all kinds by continuing development himself, and drawing on the extensive development partnerships he cultivated through his consultancy.

Rally Bus

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Website: www.rallybus.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RallyBus
Twitter: @RallyBus

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