Qu: Reimagining the Role of Restaurant POS

Amir Hudda, the CEO at Qu (formerly Gusto POS), an enterprise-scale POS company focused on the fast-casual and quick-service restaurant industry joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Amir Hudda discuss the following:

  1. Can you give us a brief background on the restaurant POS space?
  2. As a “serial” entrepreneur, what drew you to this space?
  3. Tell us about Qu and what sets you apart from your competitors.
  4. How do you see the POS space changing over the next few years? And what do restaurants need to do to keep up?
  5. What does the future hold for Qu?

Amir Hudda is a technology entrepreneur who has founded and grown four startups in the past 20 years. During that period, Amir has raised over $100M in equity (public and private markets) and debt transactions; acquired, scaled, restructured and sold several businesses, and invested in and mentored young entrepreneurs and companies.

Amir’s passion has been to create and bring new technologies and products to market – from the gold standard in sensors to capture and analyze customer activity for the global retail sector to the industry’s most advanced security solutions for use by the DoD, his technology depth and business skills have helped launch innovative solutions that address critical business problems.

Currently, Amir is the CEO of Qu (formerly Gusto POS), an enterprise-scale POS company focused on the fast-casual and quick-service restaurant industry. Prior to Gusto, Amir was the CEO of Nomi, a company he had originally founded in 2000 as Brickstream, the leader in sensors and customer analytics for large retailers. Amir has also been the CEO of Apptix, a leader in cloud-based email, collaboration and voice solutions and the Founder & CEO of Entevo Corporation, an enterprise security pioneer for the Microsoft platform.

Amir has an M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a B.E. in Computer Engineering from PICT, University of Pune, India.


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