Productivity in the New Normal

Fiona Newton

Fiona Newton, a trainer, speaker and coach from Productive Events & Training has helped thousands of people develop productivity process to work more efficiently over the past 20 years again joins Enterprise Radio. She believes our workplaces are going through a revolution which will allow every organisation to re-think how they are operating.

In a recent blog, ‘Our New Reality: Predictions after Covid-19′ KPMG made some predictions about how work will change going forward. They predict that remote working will increase, the 9-5 workday model will be challenged and leaders and managers will need to adapt to this change. Remote work at some level is here to stay and it is radically reshaping almost every industry.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Fiona Newton discuss the following:

  1. Fiona, what are some of the productivity challenges of remote work and what are some of the opportunities to be more productive?
  2. How can we keep connected with a more remote workforce?
  3. Email and online communication has gone up more during this time. What can you recommend to keep on top of it?
  4. Many organisations are using programs like MS Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts. How will this change the way we work?
  5. We’re connecting more through online meetings. How can we run those so that they are engaging?

Fiona Newton is the co-founder of Productive Events and Training, the creator of The Fitzroy Market and broadcaster on the Chicks Talking Footy show. She has 20 years’ experience in the training and speaking industry. In that time, she has delivered training and coaching to tens of thousands of people across most industries in Australia.Renowned for being an inspiring speaker and trainer, Fiona shares her personal insights and experience to help others grow. With every presentation and training session, Fiona aims to ensure her audience takes away useful insights, inspiration and tips that will help them succeed in their career or business.

Fiona is particularly passionate about giving people back their life and finding balance and creating more inclusive workplaces and has a knack for simplifying complex information! Her clients include: Westrac, Lander & Rogers, Maurice Blackburn, Griffith University, Melbourne University, University of Wollongong, Maribyrnong Council, La Trobe Council, UniSuper, Department of Human Services, Queensland University of Technology, RSM Australia and more!


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