Prevent Major Problems: Call the Plumber on Time

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It takes a lot of effort to maintain a house properly. You should not procrastinate when it comes to plumbing, as problems can become worse. Even minor issues can lead to expensive repairs if left to worsen. Many homeowners waste a lot of water with small drips or leaks, as well. This can lead to high water bills. There are a few common complications that indicate you should immediately call the plumber or a plumbing company such as CW Service Pros that offers plumbing repair.

Dripping Faucets and Noisy Toilets

Most homeowners occasionally notice a dripping faucet. The parts in your faucets wear out over time. If you notice a dripping faucet you can check to make sure it is turned off properly. If it is not, you may need to call the plumber. If you allow the drip to continue, your water bill can increase significantly. Drips often get worse over time if left alone. Dripping water can also splash out of the sink or tub onto the floor or cabinets. This can cause water damage, leading to more extensive repairs. 

Noisy Toilets

Toilets should only make noise when you flush them. If you hear noise coming from the toilet all the time, you may have a lot of wasted water. Many homeowners may not think to check their toilets until they see an unusually large water bill. Water companies often tell individuals to check their toilets when customers call with concerns over a large bill. The parts in your tank may simply need adjusting. In some cases, you need all new parts for your toilet. 

Water Spots and Loss of Pressure

If you notice water spots on your wall or ceiling, you may have a water leak. This can cause serious damage to your home if you do not get a repair on time. An Etobicoke plumbing company can help find the source of your water spots and recommend proper repairs. You may also notice small puddles of water if you have a leak. For example, water around the base of your toilet can indicate a problem with the piping and seal. 

Adequate water pressure ensures that you can rinse off well in the shower or when washing your hands. It also helps if you need to do laundry or water your yard. If you have low water pressure, you should first call your water company to find out if someone is working on the water lines. If no maintenance is happening, you may have a water leak. 


It is common to have a clog in your sink, tub, or toilet. While many homeowners handle small clogs on their own, they may need a plumber to remedy large ones. Whether your clog consists of dog hair or a toy thrown in the drain by your kids, it is important to get it resolved quickly. 

If an item travels far into the drain pipe, you may not have access to the area. A kid’s toy might keep moving down the drain until it gets under your house. You may not notice the problem until water begins to back up in various places throughout the house. This can easily cause an entire house to flood, as the water may come back up in a completely different room than where the clog originated. Many plumbing companies have emergency services to handle this type of situation. 

Plumbers can help alleviate small problems and prevent big ones. If you notice unusual noises or wet spots in your home, call a professional to diagnose the problem. You can save a lot of money on repairs if you have plumbing maintenance and call when you first notice a problem. 

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