Predictive Dialing and How It Can Help Your Business

When you’re running a business, you will always be looking at ways to maintain profitability. You can streamline most business processes today with the use of business productivity tools. These tools not only make the workflow run smoothly and efficiently. They also provide employees with benefits, maximizing their time in the office and even learning new skills.

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Efficient system

If you have a call center, a cloud-based predictive dialer is an excellent addition to your business tools because it will increase your efficiency. A predictive dialer empowers your call center, allowing your agents to be more productive, as it automatically calls the numbers in your prepared list. It sifts through all the calls and drops those that are unanswered. The automatic system matches the available agents to the calls, ensuring they can take the next call without delay.

Growth of the predictive dialer market

By 2028, experts predict that the market for predictive dialer software will reach $12.19 billion. According to studies, the predictive dialing system handles blended calls, meaning inbound and outbound calls, allowing businesses to adopt the program to improve customer satisfaction.

How the system benefits your company and your agents

Your deployment of a predictive dialing system provides your call center agents with several benefits, which lead to better productivity and efficiency during their shift. 

  • It dramatically reduces time-wasting tasks. In the past, agents had to make the calls and wait for them to be answered. There would be unanswered calls and wrong numbers. Some do-not-call numbers might inadvertently be included in the list. After exhausting the list, the agents will attempt to connect to calls that were not answered earlier. The routine tasks keep the agents from increasing their productivity. With a predictive dialer, these tasks are taken out of their hands. The agents will handle live calls, finish the conversation, and wait for the next call to be transferred to them. The system automatically makes a note on unanswered calls.
  • Increases effectiveness and productivity. Routine dialing makes agents tired of the process, especially when they cannot reach several people on their list. The predictive dialing system eliminates these repetitive tasks and uses their time solely to complete active calls. The system even paces the calls to give agents time to catch their breath and be ready to take a new live call. The automatic system supplies agents with a regular stream of active calls, making their job easier and faster.

The most significant benefits to your business are the increase in sales, efficiency, and industry compliance. The system makes the workflow process more efficient. The program reduces wasted time, as it only automatically connects agents to those who picked up the call. It can be programmed to hang up if it reaches voicemail or fax numbers automatically. You can also program it to leave a message. The system cycles through the numbers on the list, automatically moving to the next one if there is no answer. Your company will be compliant with the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission by removing blocked numbers from your database.

With the right predictive dialer, your center can integrate the program into your current platform. In addition, training your center managers and agents on how the system works and how to use it will improve your revenue while enhancing customer experience.

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