Educational TV Shows For Kids

If you want to teach your kids something, you should check out these educational TV programs. These shows have a lot of fun for kids and offer a learning environment that encourages reading and literacy.

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1. Sesame Street

PBS’s Sesame Street is a well-known children’s program.  Each season focuses on a new theme. To help children increase their vocabulary, there are features like the “word of the day” feature.

2. Tumble Leaf

Amazon invented “Tumble Leaf”, an Emmy-winning program for children that expands their vocabulary. This stop-motion animation is brightly colored and easy to watch for young children. Fig, the fox and his friends learn about the world while playing in Tumble Leaf Land.

These stories are positive examples of problem solving, basic shape recognition, and other useful information.

3. Super Why

Super Why is another PBS program that features four friends who use fairy tales to solve everyday problems. Help them with any problem they may face.

Children listen to the story of the reader and interact with the characters. They can also play word games with the characters and talk about the story.

4. Wallykazam

Wally is a 6-year-old troll who has a magic Wand and a pet dragon named Norville. Wally sometimes runs into trouble due to Bobgoblin.

Wally works with his friends to solve problems and teach literacy basics. This includes letter knowledge, letter-sound association and letter knowledge.

5. The Electric Company

Sesame Workshop created “The Electric Company”, a PBS series that is based on the educational 1970s television show. It helps children learn and improve their literacy skills.

The Electric Company is made up of four children who have literacy super-powers. They can summon letters from their fingers and throw them at surfaces to make words. Each member is a master of their own skill.

Each episode of “The Electric Company” has a story. You will also find music videos, sketch comedy, and animation. These films are all about reading skills such as decoding and blending.

6. Arthur

PBS’ animated TV series “Arthur”, which is for children aged 4-8, is available on PBS. He is a third grade aardvark.

Children will love the show and be eager to read Marc Brown’s “Arthur”, books

7. Between the Lions

“Between the Lions” is a story about a family that includes Mom, Dad, and their children, Leona, and Lionel. They run a library full of characters from books. Letters dance, sing, and write.

While the show has been canceled in some cities, children can still view the “Between the Lions” game online at PBS Kids.

Bottom Line

If you want for your kid to succeed at school, you must first educate them on how to learn! That’s why educational TV shows are so great. Then again, there will be times when you’ll have to learn with your kid and help them with their assignments. But what if someone else could help you out with that?

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