Popar Toys, changing the way kids learn and play

Scott Jochim, the creator & CEO of Popar Toys, changing the way kids learn and play joins Enterprise Radio.  Scott informs us how years of product development, personal commitment, and teamwork helped create the innovative products Popar Toys is bringing to the market today.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Scott Jochim discuss the following:

  • Please describe the history of your firm and how you went from augmented reality products in the corporate environment to making toys?
  • How did you come up with the idea for your first product?
  • How long did it take you to go from the original spark of an idea to actual product?
  • How do you hope your product’s will affect children’s lives?
  • What is one unique quality that makes your product better than your competition?

Duration: 12:23

Scott Jochim combines marketing, communication, engineering, sales, and product design to create a perfect storm for innovation and experiential design. Scott seeks to touch others through education, entertainment, training, and technology, using Digital Tech Frontier, LLC as a center for innovation. Scott’s product innovations have facilitated many unique and ground-breaking developments in the public sector and in corporate America:

Imagine… Racing custom NASCAR’s while learning about car safety and delivering this message to all the UAWGM workers across America. A virtual vacation of swimming with dolphins or racing cars and not only seeing this in 3D and hearing it but smelling it and having it physically move you.

Ever had a friend or family member with Cancer? If so, one of Scott’s products could be helping them right now handle the stress, anxiety and well-being during the Chemo process.

Over 200 School districts across the United States are using his VRDL Technology labs to help students and teachers understand how to learn and teach through Environmental and Spatial Technologies.

Some of these past products and process have been well received by: Wired Magazine, Popular Science, TIME, BizAZ, SUCCESS, Business Week, Exhibitor Magazine, MSNBC, G4, History Channel, POST, many books, and numerous local and national newspapers.

Prior to launching Digital Tech Frontier, LLC. in 1996, Scott served as a Partner and executive in Ferris Productions, where he contributed expertise to the positioning, development, and growth of this software gaming company. Ferris was taken public in 1998 and is still in business today trading under the symbol VTRA.

Scott has delivered numerous speeches across the country, written articles, and established a reputation using his expertise in interactive technology and the future of human interface devices. He believes that involvement in education and the immersion of the right technologies will change the face of education and how we learn in the 21st century.

Related Web Site: www.PoparToys.com

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