PGi, improving our planet’s well-being with Lea Green

PGI, improving our planet’s well-being with Lea Green

Lea Green, the Social Media Content Manager at PGi who telecommutes regularly joins the Green Business Podcast Show. She writes for the PGi Green blog and is passionate about creative writing, collaborative communications technologies, and improving our planet’s well-being.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lea Green discuss the following:

  • As more businesses are incorporating eco-friendly business solutions, what are some ways you would recommend for a business to be “green” that can also help its bottom-line?
  • Besides the desirability aspect of teleworking, or working at home, what are some of the benefits of encouraging employees to telework?
  • Teleworking is not only convenient, but also beneficial for the environment, what recommendations or advice would you give companies that want to implement a flexible work program to maintain or increase collaboration and productivity?
  • In addition to technology mobilizing businesses, what other benefits do devices and/or applications provide for companies?
  • How has PGi incorporated eco-friendly business solutions? Any examples you’d like to share with us?

Duration: 12:52

Lea Green brings more than ten years of experience in advertising and multi-channel business strategy to her role as Social Media Content Manager at PGi, a global leader in virtual meetings. Engaging customers, industry influencers and other key stakeholders through strategic social media content plans, Lea promotes PGi’s global brand and shares technology insights across the company’s online channels. As a social media strategist, she manages PGi’s corporate blog and #Shift blog, where she writes on topics ranging from video conferencing technology to sustainability to the changing workplace. The intersection of business technology and sustainability is a topic of particular interest to Lea. She serves as the “green” voice of the company and encourages dialog with other companies, leaders and environmental supporters through PGi’s Green blog.

Lea joined PGi in 2009 as part of the global customer support team and was responsible for overseeing the translation, customization and launch of the customer support websites for PGi’s European and Asia-Pacific markets. Her team’s efforts reduced customer call volumes globally by 20-30 percent. Prior to joining PGi, Lea worked at several companies in the advertising industry, including Dialog Group, LatinWorks and Tocquigny Advertising. During this time, Lea implemented brand and segmentation strategies for a variety of consumer and business-to-business clients such as Hyundai, Dell and RackSpace.

Lea holds a Master of Arts in English and Rhetoric from Texas A&M University. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she spends her free time helping others as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and as an advocate for animals with Austin Pets Alive. In addition to her philanthropist calling, she is also a long-time yoga enthusiast, gardener, avid creative writer and has just begun guitar lessons.


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