Pass A Urine Drug Test For Marijuana or THC- How To Guide for Passing Tests for Drugs

Over the past decade the stigma associated with marijuana use has slowly faded. Although the progressive view of marijuana continues to grow, its legalization has lead to direct conflict between the rights of the States and the Federal Government. Over half of the United States have now passed laws legalizing the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana. Yet, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the Federal Government, defined as a drug “with no currently accepted medicinal use and a high potential for abuse”. 

Beyond the argument of States Rights versus Federal Authority, another conflict has arisen. The legalization of marijuana has pitted employer versus employee. The right of an employer to maintain a drug free workplace and the right of an individual to use a drug that is deemed legal in the state in which they live. It must be noted that many companies and businesses are now forgoing drug testing, choosing instead to focus on the quality of a person’s resume and their abilities, rather than what they choose to do on their free time. In the same vein, individuals must respect their employers and not show up to their place of work under the influence of drugs. 

The urine test/analysis (UA) for the presence of THC is one of the most common forms of testing used by employers. You will want to check out Clear Drug Tests for info on how to pass a urinalysis drug test. While it can identify past drug use it can not determine current level of intoxication. 


The metabolism of THC is dependent on many individual factors. A person’s height, weight, body fat, metabolism, exercise, and whether an occasional versus a chronic user, all effect how quickly THC is excreted from the body. Even the method by which the marijuana is ingested has an effect on its excretion. When smoking marijuana, THC is absorbed into by the lungs and enters the bloodstream in a matter of minutes. After ingesting marijuana orally, such as through an edible, the stomach absorbs the THC and it can take up to 3 hours before the THC is detectable in the blood stream. 


Once THC is ingested it’s broken down into many different metabolites. These metabolites have different “half-lives” which determine how long they stay in the body’s system. Some metabolites have a half-life of less than a day and are excreted quickly in the urine. Others are stored in fatty tissue and can have a half-life of almost two weeks. There is a consensus among researchers that a urine test can generally detect THC in the body for 13 days, depending on the habits of the user. A heavy user’s timeline for detection can spread out for up to 3 months. Unfortunately for marijuana users, the UA test for THC is very accurate. False positives are rare due to the sophisticated tests and technologies that are used. 


If you are surprised at work by an UA, you are more than likely going to fail. Drug testing agencies are aware of the different ways individuals try to beat their tests and put safeguards in place to monitor for them. Given enough warning before a test, a variety of different methods exist that can be tried to beat the test. The following is a short list of the most common methods: 

ABSTINENCE – The only way to absolutely pass a drug test for marijuana is to stop using for a long enough period of time before the test date. This will allow your body to naturally excrete any remaining THC from the system. 

FLUSHING THE SYSTEM – This involves drinking a lot of water before a test in hopes of diluting your sample. Taking a B-12 supplement will help add color back into the urine, but a diluted sample may also be flagged by the drug testing company. There are also many detox drinks available on the market like Xpulsion Detox. These detox drinks come in two main forms: a diuretic and one that stops the metabolism of fat cells. The diuretics work by forcing fluid and toxins from your body. The other drink stops the metabolism of fat cells for a short period of time before a drug test to stop THC that is stored in these cells from being released. 

SYNTHETIC URINE – A variety of companies produce kits for synthetic urine. These kits must be mixed properly, heated properly, transported properly, and then must be dispensed properly during the test without being detected. Many different aspects of fake urine can cause a sample to be red flagged, including differing pH balance, specific gravity, temperature, color, smell, and lack of bubbles. Substituting someone else’s urine is also an option but obtaining, transporting, and attempting to use the sample without being caught is very tricky. 

ADULTERATE THE SAMPLE – There are many products sold on the internet and at head shops claiming to detoxify or mask THC in metabolites. Drug testing companies have developed specific tests to recognize these compounds, so none of them are 100% fool proof. There is also a long list of home remedies that have been used in attempt to cheat a test. The more commons ones are bleach, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, eye drops, vinegar, niacin, and vitamin B3. 

EXERCISE – Regular exercise can help release THC from fat cells, allowing the body to more rapidly excrete traces of THC from the body. 

As we navigate the new landscape of legalized marijuana there are still many issues that need to ironed out. The relationship between employee, employer, and legal, recreational or medicinal drug use is at the top of that list. The only 100% proven way to pass a urinalysis for THC is to abstain using marijuana for a long enough period of time before the test or to stop using the drug all together. With continuing acceptance of marijuana this may change in the future, but, for now one may have to choose between marijuana and gainful employment. 

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