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Online Slot Games are Constantly Evolving

Posted: May 8, 2019 at 8:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

It was back in the early 1990’s that the very first gaming platforms appeared online, and back in the early days of online casinos, the range and types of slot games were not that impressive.

However, over the last couple of decades, slot games have evolved, and nowadays you are going to have access to every possible type of slot machine you could ever want to play at most casino sites.

As for which are going to be the very best slot machines to play online, well it is all dependent on what you look for from such games as to whether you are going to enjoy playing them.

But at the end of the day its true to say that the long term expected pay-out percentages any category and type of slot is offering will ultimately determine whether you get lots of winning spins and much longer online slot playing sessions. So, whichever game category excites you the most make a point of looking up the RTP’s and then playing the slots with the very highest of paybacks.

In fact, allow me to give you an overview of just which types of slot machines you will find available online, and if you do want to track down casinos offering any of the following types of slots then take a look at slot sites like this as they have plenty of casinos fully reviewed.

Categories of Online Slots

The most basic of slot games are those that have been built around a three-reel type of playing structure, for when players set about playing any classic or three-reel slot they are rarely going to find any distracting bonus games or bonus features being awarded to them.

But having said that in the last few years some slot game designers, such as Microgaming, have been looking at brand new playing structures to attach to their classical and older styled three-reel slots, and some of them now offer 81 ways to win playing formats and can award a range of bonus games too.

Video slots are, however, the most played category of online slot, for when playing those games due to the fact they usually come with five video reels, they can offer a huge number of pay-line options, bonus games and bonus features and some unique reel symbols, too.

It can often be the wild symbols that are going to spring to life when playing video slots. When those wild symbols have been spun in for you will find expanding wild symbols, wild multiplier symbols and some wild symbols now wander across the screen on consecutive spins. This increases your chance of forming any number of winning combinations when they have been spun in!

Fruit machines are often found in places like the UK, and those three-reel slots offer the highest number of bonus games and bonus features, so they are often the most entertaining slot games to play.

One final category of slot that I do know you are going to be tempted to play at some point in time are progressive jackpot awarding slots, for with some luck when playing such slot, you could win a life changing jackpot from a single spin.

The thing to note about progressive jackpot slots though is that many of them award their jackpots only when players are playing them in a certain way, such as with all of their pay-lines activated, so make a point of finding out how you must play such slots to be in with a change of winning their ever rising progressive jackpots!

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