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6 Benefits Of Adding MCT Oil To Your Coffee

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If you’re like most people, then you depend on coffee to get yourself prepared for the day. It often seems like the world would hardly move at all if no one had their morning cup of coffee, and research seems to suggest this as well. In the United States alone, more than 400 million cups are consumed daily!

Why Do People Drink Coffee?

For a lot of people, coffee gives them the required boost of energy to tackle tasks. Need to pull an all-nighter studying for an exam? Need to complete a difficult assignment at work? Need to listen to a relative recount a long, boring tale without falling asleep? Coffee is the answer to all of these scenarios.

However, coffee isn’t just an energy-booster. Over the years, many studies have concluded that drinking coffee is good for your health in numerous ways. Here are a few benefits that coffee can bring to you, according to the coffee maker review blog – Coffeeurban:

Is There A Way To Make Coffee Even Healthier?

The answer is ‘yes’. All you need to do is add some MCT oil to your cups and soon you’ll reap even more benefits by drinking coffee every day. There are many brands out there selling MCT oil like Hunter & Gather.

What Is MCT Oil?

The abbreviation ‘MCT’ stands for medium-chain triglycerides. If you the word ‘triglycerides’ seems familiar to you that’s because it’s one of the components of a fatty acid. You’ve no doubt heard that there are two kinds of fatty acids: saturated and the unhealthier unsaturated variant. MCT belongs to the group of saturated fatty acids and it’s a purer form of it.

There are four different variations of MCT oil (C6, C8, C10, and C12) and some of them are more effective at making you healthier than the rest. The most effective is said to be C8 or Caprylic acid because it has the greatest ketogenic capabilities out of all. This essentially means that C8 is better at being converted to ketones, which are an alternative fuel source for the body. When the body burns ketones we reap various positive health benefits.

6 Benefits Of Adding MCT Oil To Your Coffee

1. It Helps You Lose Weight Very Quickly

Sometimes people struggle to lose weight for a variety of reasons. It may be that you don’t have any time to hit the gym or cook healthy meals. This is the case for many people who work long hours and/or commute long distances to and from their place of employment. Adding MCT to your coffee can help in this scenario.

A few studies (including this one) suggest that MCT can help you burn off fat regardless of your diet. This is good news for people who have limited options when it comes to food. There are a few ways in which MCT oil achieves this:

  • Producing an increment in the creation of ketones
  • Helping us to control hunger.
  • Not being stored as fat.

2. It Helps You Control Your Hunger

How does MCT oil allow us to do this? Again, it’s to do with the increase in ketones. Ketones help to suppress your hunger hormone and simultaneously produce more cholecystokinin- the substance that makes you feel full.

3. It Isn’t Stored As Fat

Why is MCT not stored as fat? Simple: it forgoes the fat storage mechanism by being absorbed into the liver straight from the gut.

In addition, MCT is broken down much faster than most other fatty acids.

4. It Helps Improve Your Cognition

Just like coffee, MCT seems to provide many benefits to the brain, according to research. For one, it is very rapidly broken down to ketones, making it a speedy energy supply to the brain whenever needed. While glucose is the primary fuel for our brains, it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. MCT can and is thereby able to provide energy to brain cells.

5. It Helps Keep Your Gut Healthy

MCT oil has strong antimicrobial property. It helps to destroy harmful bacteria and fungi so that helpful ones can thrive in their place. In turn, these ‘good’ microorganism help maintain the linings of your gut and thereby reducing the risk of inflammation and other gut disorders.

6. It Helps Improve Your Stamina

Do you want to go on a jog but lack the stamina for it? MCT oil in your coffee is the answer. One particular study where the participants were athletes showed that MCT oil improved both stamina and endurance.

To summarize, adding MCT oil to your coffee can bring you lots of health benefits. You’ll be able to lose excess weight, suppress your hunger, improve your cognition, keep your gut healthy and increase your stamina.

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