Online Gambling Business Opportunities for US Entrepreneurs

The online gambling industry is a fairly new concept to mainstream gambling enthusiasts in America. It’s only been within the last year that a number of states have been able to pass legislation to allow its resident to bet on sports and play casino games through online websites. Currently, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada are the only states that allow players to dial up online gambling sites with their PCs and mobile devices. Based on the results we have seen in recent months from the aforementioned states, it’s going to be difficult for subsequent states to turns its back on the possible tax revenue streams online gambling promises to generate.

When a new industry comes to town, it usually brings new job opportunities with it. We can expect much of the same from the online gambling industry in America. While a majority of today’s online casinosare coming out of Europe, it’s only a matter of time before the creative forces in America make their collective moves to bite off a big part of the online gambling market on this side of the Pacific Ocean.

Opening the Doors of Entrepreneurship and Employment

It’s interesting to note that while online gambling has been available to European gamblers for over 20 years, there’s still only a small handful of top software developers that are driving the online gambling market. Translated: that means there are plenty of opportunities for Americans to jump in and help the US online gambling community grow.

For the people who fancy themselves as real entrepreneurs, the door is open for American software companies to start developing casino platforms and online casino games of chance. In particular, there’s plenty of room for software developers to innovate video slots that bring a Western flavour to the American online gambling market. 

As far as employment opportunities for Americans, online gambling websites don’t run themselves. Currently, most online gambling activities in America are being run through established land-based casino operations tied to the four states that currently allow its residents to gamble online. It’s a good bet that’s a temporary situation. There’s room for state regulators to offer online gambling licensing to independent American resources. That would mean jobs for Americans.

As the online gambling industry grows in America, there’s going to be a need for employees to handle things like customer service, IT security and marketing. If there’s a dozen exclusive online websites operating within each state that could open the door to as many as 10,000 jobs nationwide. Throw in software developers, and there’s a potential for 20,000 American workers to become involved in bringing online gambling to Americans from shore to shore. 

The opportunity is there for the taking and given the competitive spirit of Americans, it won’t be long before American companies are competing with Europe’s best. It’s safe to say it’s not a question of if it’s going to happen but more a question of when it’s going to happen. A betting person would put their money on it happening sooner rather than later. By the time another 10-15 states legalize online gambling, there will be a significant online gambling industry infrastructure thriving right here in America.   

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