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In the world of gaming industry, online casino games have gained a lot of popularity all around the world. The casino games incredibly designed with many attractive features which attracts great masses towards itself. The another reason of casino games being so popular is that they are considered the game of gambling that means players invest some money and in return may get a big cash prize which depends on the strategy they use to play and win a game. When the player begins his journey in the world of gambling, then he need to remember two basic points of game – And those are firstly make a correct choice of casino where the player is willing to play his game, and secondly find the best casino site which gives best transaction options and secure banking functions. 

The points of deposit and withdraw are very important points when it comes to the matter of money and investment as one wrong choice may lead to a great unrecoverable loss. People are s much into money that they make quick decisions without going through the transactions methods in detail which makes there game and withdrawal too complicated. Therefore it is important to gather a detailed knowledge about different banking aspects that are used for making any transaction in an online casino. The player must give a proper reading to the instructions of a casino site where he is willing to gamble and should make sure before beginning that whether the deposit and withdrawal methods are suitable for him or not and whether he can make quick and easy transactions of his winnings whenever needed. The top rated casino sites always make it clear for the player that they provide well authenticated and secure casino payment.

Therefore to help the player in order to make a right choice for banking option, here is guide provided for the players where the relevant information related to all most secure and authenticated transaction methods has been explained in detail in a very simple language. So give e brief reading to all the below mentioned points and help to make the right use of banking methods:

  • Use of credit and debit cards:

In modern technology there are numerous methods used for transition in banking sector but the use of credit and debit cards is the most used oldest transaction method for all purposes and online services. These two cards were the first banking methods that prevailed in online casinos for transaction process. It would not be wise to say that all cards work better because there may be some cases where debit card would work much better than the other one while there may arise some other case where credit card gives its best. So it depends on different casino banking rules as well as the card that the player is carrying in his pocket. So it’s important to have knowledge about all the banking methods.

  • Master card:

Master card is considered a one of the very popular cards and is available in both classic credit and debit card. There are few cases when the master card does not support withdrawal of cash in such case the player has to keep some substitute in order to make any withdrawal but it is a very easy method for making any deposits into the account.

  • American express:

American express also abbreviated as AMEX is a type of credit card which the players carry in their wallets all time at every place. These credit cards make a very easy and smooth transactions but again the issue is that it depends o the casino whether it accepts the American express card or not.

  • Visa:

This is the most used credit cards that is known to everyone and is found in almost everyone’s wallet. The use of visa for making any gambling related transaction depends on to rules and regulation of the nation that means n the visa can be used unless gambling is forbidden in that particular nation.

  • Visa electron:

There is only one difference between visa and visa electron and that is the visa electron is a debit card nota credit card and this is undoubtedly a positive point because one will have no issue in depositing to online casino with the help of visa electron depending on the amount present in the account. In case of withdrawals, both the cards that are visa and visa electron work efficiently and the player can get out his cash within few days.

Another most used banking transaction method in online casinos is:


E-wallet is the abbreviated form for electronic wallet and has gained a huge popularity in the exciting world of online gambling. There are many new players who are not known to this transaction method so here they will get a clear idea about what e wallet is and how it is used. The e wallet acts as a central hub between the player’s credit card or any bank card and the online casino.

This means that the player first adds cash into his e wallet account and then that cash is used to make deposits in online casino therefore it helps not only to keep ones banking details hidden and safe instead it also helps to control the funds with low transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals. It is very simple make account in e wallet and is not time consuming as it takes only few minutes to sign up.

There are numerous types of e wallets used in banking transaction methods and the most popular and mostly used methods are explained below:

  • Skrill:

In the list of various e wallets, skrill is one of the biggest and safe e wallets used at a very large scale by the players for online casino transactions. It’s advised for the players to sign up and make a skrill account as it is accepted by almost all the casinos. The funds ca be moved easily anywhere at ay time if one has an account in skrill.

  • Neteller:

This is another famous e wallet transaction method which makes the funds transfer very easy and safe. Neteller and skrill had been combined together last few years ago and now days there is no problem I switching money from skrill to neteller account and vice versa. Although the fees required to move money from one account to another is not too small. Both neteller and skrill are considered to be the most trustworthy and dependable types of e wallets.

  • PayPal:

This is one of the famous e wallet types that was mostly used for online shopping and for various other online transaction process but it was opposed to gambling related transactions but now the terms and conditions have changed for certain countries and certain specific countries like UK can use this method for online banking functions. The most positive point of PayPal is that it will save the time of verification process with the casino as there will be no verification required if the user has already an account with PayPal.

  • Citadel:

This e wallet scheme is best known for the instant banking solutions to pay that it provides for the online casinos. It is w ell authenticated electronic payment solution that can be trusted completely as it has been regulated by UK financial conduct authority. 

  • Ecopayz:

It is also a well authenticated method of transaction process where the funds are fully secured and in safe hands. The user needs to have an account at ecopayz and rests of its functionings are same as that of the other e wallet methods.

The other widely used method for online casino transactions is the:

Prepaid cards:

It depends on the player which card he would like to use for the transaction method because the player needs to check the availability too because there may be few sites that do not accept any of the above mention methods so the player may need to use a prepaid card. The prepaid cards are very simple to use and are easy to get as well as load. There are different types of prepaid cards but casinos only accept some main prepaid cards and those are given below:

  • Paysafecard

This card is accepted in almost all casinos and is easily available card. It has similar functionality features as that of a debit card and can be used only till the period the user has balance in his account. If the whole cash gets over then the user cannot reload the card but has to buy a new one.

  • Prepaid Visa

Prepaid visa card works as the visa debit card and it can be used again and again but the only thing to keep in consideration is that the account balance must not be nil and the account needs to be loaded timely. For the most part, prepaid visa cards work like normal Visa debit cards. Unlike Paysafecard, Prepaid Visa can be used over and over again. But in case of withdrawals the player needs to find some alternative as it does not support withdrawal of amount form the account.


It’s very important to go through a correct casino transaction guide because it’s the matter of money if the banking details get into some wrong hands then it may cause a big loss for the user and will also impart an unforgettable impression on the mind of the player. Therefore it is very important to go through all the above mentioned points in details so that the casino gaming becomes more safe as games are for fun and amusement not for getting into some wrong hands and losing everything that one has. Also remember to make the right choice of casino which is well authenticated, licensed and a regulated casino as such casinos will never provide fake transaction methods.

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