OfficeList, helping entrepreneurs work from flexible workspaces in the U.S and Canada

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Uddy Carmi, CEO at OfficeList, a company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs take benefit from working from flexible workspaces in the U.S and Canada joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Uddy Carmi discuss the following:

  • When did you decide you would follow a path as an entrepreneur?
  • Tell us about the industry your business serves and why is it relevant to our entrepreneur listeners.
  • Why OfficeList? How did it start and grow during these last 9 years?
  • How did you achieve new growth? It is common for businesses to stall after a few years?
  • What is going on in your business right now? What exciting projects are you currently working on?

Duration: 11:35

Uddy Carmi is co-founder and CEO at, which helps small businesses and Entrepreneurs find flexible full service office space throughout the U.S and Canada. For the past nine years he has been leading the OfficeList team into a fifteen-person operation and a pioneer in web technology and customer management practices.

Mr. Carmi holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and is an entrepreneur at heart. He got involved with the Executive Office Suite industry in 2000 when he started and then sold a location in Miami Beach, FL. Prior to starting OfficeList with a college friend, he held positions in Nortel Networks and Latin Ventures Partners.

When not planning OfficeList’s next adventure, he loves spending time with his 5-month old daughter and traveling.



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