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Office Cleaning Tips + Tricks

Posted: August 29, 2018 at 9:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A clean working space not only motivates your employees but also leaves a good impression on your clients. They also have clear, relaxed minds hence, increased productivity. However, juggling between meetings and crazy deadlines only leaves little or no time to organize a desk or office. At the end of the day, you are looking for car keys, mobile phones, and other essentials buried under piles of files. Cleaning an office doesn’t have to be a chore here are simple office cleaning tips+tricks:

Maintain Electronics

Today, electronics make up a large part of every working space. Since they are used frequently, they are prone to attract dirt and germs. Cleaning electronics helps lengthen their life and function. You can dust the screens and other external parts using a microfiber cloth. Be sure not to use liquids as they can damage some components.

Be Organized

Offices accumulate clutter in the form of extra copies of paperwork and food wrappers for meals taken at the office, among others. Such scattered piles of clutter make it difficult for you to search, index, or file documents. You want to assign every item to a particular space and label it to make it easier to find. Cabinets and files come in handy when organizing documents: The files can be arranged alphabetically or according to a product’s specifications, work orders, customer profiles, or vendor information to make it easier to find. Dated customer files can be archived in storage facilities to create space for new documents and minimize the amount of items you need to take care of in a day. The Art of Cleanliness experts also advise using organizers like wall-mounted pockets; they allow you to access critical documents easily while keeping your space tidy.

Keep Restrooms Disinfected

Restrooms are high traffic areas in any work setting. If they are not well maintained, they become breeding areas for bacteria, causing infections and foul smells. Big companies may hire employees to take care of them while small firms may choose to do clean the restrooms themselves. If you are not hiring an expert, clean the toilet bowl using a disinfectant and a toilet brush, and the floors should be mopped regularly.

 Clean the Break Room

Storing and preparing lunch or tea in this area is a good motivation for your employees to keep it clean. As such, the employees should organize and clean the refrigerator, wash and dry the dishes, and clean the interior and the exterior of the microwave. The employees should also disinfect the chairs, shelves, tables, and sinks using an eco friendly multi surface cleaner after a lunch break.

 Trash Removal

Emptying garbage cans and recycling bins also help keep the office space tidy . You want to designate specific bins for leftover foods, drink containers, and documents especially if your company participates in going green initiatives. Since food remains rot easily, it is important to empty the bins every day.

Cleaning your office is now easier with these simple tips. Keep in mind that the secret to keeping your working space tidy is dealing with the clutter before it has the chance to accumulate. You can also initiate a weekly cleaning exercise to prevent the development of insects, germ, or mold.

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