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Odor Eliminators: Natural Versus Chemical

Posted: October 24, 2018 at 11:56 am / by / comments (0)

While there are many differences among the human race, there is one thing that is universal for anyone living in a house, apartment, or any other structure; cleaning. Carpets have to be vacuumed, shelves need to be dusted, toilets need to be swabbed, counters need to be wiped off. The list is endless. There are multiple products currently on the market designed to clean each different part of the house. Some cleaners are designed for fabrics, some are designed for wood, others are designed for glass, others are for metal, more still is made for dishes. Not to mention all of the tools that are available to use when cleaning your home. All of these different cleaners are comprised of a mixture of chemicals. This is why many people choose to use all natural cleaners instead, to avoid being exposed to all of those chemicals contained in store-bought cleaners. Other people do not feel that the natural cleaners do not have the ability to clean as well as the chemical ones. The question is, which type of cleaner really is the best? Here, we will compare all of the pros and cons of both natural cleaners and chemical cleaners.

The first type of cleaners that we are going to discuss is natural cleaners. First, consider the benefits of using natural cleaners. Using natural cleaners means that you are not having to risk inhaling harmful fumes. It also means that any surface that you use them on will be safe to touch while it is still wet. Also, there is no fear if a child or pet gets into the cleaner. There is also no concerns as to whether or not the product will be harmful to the area where you are applying it. Spills, splashes, aromas, and even ingestion do not have to be concerning and scary. Of course, as with anything, there are downsides as well. Some natural cleaners such as vinegar have an unpleasant smell which may seem contradictory to odor elimination.

Next, consider the benefits of chemical cleaners. First, some chemical cleaners are designed to be incredibly tough and as such, they will remove deep stains and otherwise deep clean wherever you need it. Because of this, these cleaners can remove dirt that is deep down. There are quite a few potential downsides to using any type of chemical. Breathing the fumes that most chemicals produce is potentially dangerous when breathed in. Many people choose to wear a face mask such as contractors or surgeons use. However, many people do not use a mask or any other method to protect themselves from the fumes. Ventilation is also an issue when cleaning with chemicals, it is always best to open a window or enable built-in ventilation systems. Chemicals also pose a threat where children and pets are concerned.

Now, on to how all of these things relate to eliminating odors. There are many places in the home where smells often develop. Garbage cans hold a great many smells from all of the refuse that gets put into it. Bathrooms often develop odors due to the nature of the most common activity performed in the room. Also, most bathrooms have a garbage can that produces smells, not to mention wet towels, shower curtains that are not properly dried, and leaky pipes or spigots. Pets of all types in the home also cause odors of various natures, depending on the type of pet. Small mammals or reptiles have cages that must be cleaned regularly, felines have litter boxes that must be cleaned, dogs often roll in mud or splash in puddles, birds have cages, the list goes on and on. Each one of these smells needs to be handled in a unique way, which means they each need a separate type of cleaner. Some smells are caused by bacteria which means that a disinfectant will also be needed to truly combat some smells.

Here are some common and effective cleaners of both varieties and where they are best used.

Natural Cleaners

  • Vinegar – This is a fantastic deodorizer and disinfectant. This is a great cleaner to use on kitchen counters, coffee pots, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, stovetops, sinks, and many other areas. This substance has a strong smell when using it; however, the smell completely disappears when it dries along with other unwanted smells on the surface.
  • Baking soda – This is a great natural cleaner for stains. This is because it has the ability to reach way down into fabrics, carpet, etc. and reach the very depths of the stain. It is also great to set inside refrigerators and freezers to absorb odors that occur. This can include anything from rotten food to certain cheeses or onions.
  • Essential oils – This is a wonderful way to clear the air of bad smells. There are two ways to use essential oils to get rid of odors. The first is to use a diffuser which will release the oil and therefore the scent into the air. The second way is to fill a spray bottle with warm water and add several drops of an essential oil, shake gently to mix. Once that is done you can spray the mixture into the air or onto fabrics or carpet. You can spray curtains, furniture, the interior of a car, or into the air. Although, you should refrain from spraying dog beds or anywhere that a dog frequently lays or sits. There have been some studies that suggest canines are often allergic to essential oils.

Chemical Cleaners

  • Febreze – This is one of the top-rated chemical odor eliminators currently on the market. There are several versions of this particular product. Some are specifically for removing unpleasant smells from the air and replacing them with nice scents. Others are designed to spray onto carpets, couches, recliners, curtains, car seats, and many other places. Within these two types, there are versions made for reducing allergens, improving sleep areas, reducing specific smells, and much more.
  • Carpet refresher – There are many different brands of this product. The way it works is you sprinkle the powder on to the carpet and let it sit for around 10 minutes. After you let it sit, you vacuum it up. not only does it absorb into the carpet and remove deep down dirt, but it also eliminates smells trapped in the carpet. This is a very simple to use cleaner and there are versions designed just for pet owners. This does not mean that the product is in any way safe for the pet to lick or consume, but it will not hurt them to be near it. Afterwards a great product to use is the shark vacuum cleaner, more information can be found on this page.
  • Toilet drops – This product is specifically designed to eliminate toilet odors. Again, there are many different brands in many different price ranges. To use this type of product, simply squeeze a few drops into the toilet bowl before it is used and the product traps and eliminates smells.

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