New Business Start-up Ideas in a Covid World

There is no doubt that the covid 19 pandemic has had a major impact on businesses worldwide. New social distancing and hygiene measures have resulted in organisations having to adapt quickly to a new way of working.

Regular lockdowns, however, have hit many industries hard and have seen numerous companies, particularly smaller businesses, forced to close.

There is certainly no guarantee when – or if – the current way of living will ever go back to normal. Therefore, it would be unwise to wait for things to change before starting any new enterprise.

For both UK and global events be sure to lookup RX Global for expert advice on how to get your business off the ground or expand your customer base. We have also provided some ideas on what new business you might consider launching in a covid world.

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Mask making

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that face coverings should be worn as part of the strategy of measures to reduce covid transmission. Governments worldwide have enforced mask-wearing policies with varying degrees of strictness, so the demand for facial coverings is certainly there. Your own e-commerce businesses selling masks is therefore a good idea to consider.

Creating your own online store is a more cost-effective and low risk venture than a traditional offline business. Start by using selling platforms, such as eBay and Etsy, and use social media to promote your enterprise.

Delivery services

Many typical 9-5 workers will use their commute to pick up groceries and other essentials, or to grab a specialist coffee on the way to the office. However, with more and more people now working from home as a result of the pandemic, the opportunity to just pop into a store is presented less often; therefore, the pandemic has seen a large increase in the trend for convenience when it comes to food shopping.

Home delivery companies will not only thrive during lockdowns, however. With new variants emerging all the time, many are people reluctant to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Why not take advantage of this rapidly growing industry and create your own on-demand delivery service? Your business doesn’t have to be limited to grocery shopping, you could consider a courier service to run errands, such as picking up prescriptions or posting letters.

Cleaning services

The pandemic brought a heightened awareness of hygiene and cleanliness into the public consciousness. Again, businesses have had to adapt quickly to new measures. Retailers, for instance, often provide hand sanitisers for customers, as well as cleaning equipment to sterilise baskets and trolleys.

Why not consider offering a cleaning service to small businesses, such as local boutiques, or private offices? You could also take advantage of the rise in people working out of their homes and provide a specialist service in cleaning technological equipment, such as computer keyboards.


Never has there been a more uncertain time for business, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your ambitions to be your own boss. As long as you do the market research and have the drive, you can launch your own start-up business with confidence in a covid world.

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