New Artificial Intelligence Economies, Cryptocurrency and What All Businesspeople Need to Know Now

Dan Gailey, founder and CEO of Synapse.AI, the first and only decentralized AI marketplace joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the future of Artificial Intelligence networks.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dan Gailey discuss the following:

  1. What is and how does it stand to benefit businesses of all kinds?
  2. Where Does Come Into All of This?
  3. What Types of Companies Benefit from joining the free Synapse.AI network?
  4. Why Did You Start Synapse.AI?
  5. How can EPN Listeners Get Into Synapse’s Incredible Network to Grow their Businesses?

Dan Gailey is the CEO of Synapse AI — the first Decentralized AI Market and Network built on the blockchain. Synapse.AI recently announced Tier 2 of its Initial Coin Offering, which will enable people to participate in the first ever decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

Synapse.AI is the organizer behind the Decentralized AI Summit 2018 which attracted more than a dozen thought leaders in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency and more than 200 attendees in January 2018.

Dan previously worked in Venture Capital facilitating deal flow for cryptocurrency startups, and holds degrees from the University of Mississippi in Computational Chemistry and in Electrical Engineering with a specialized focus in Autonomous Robotics.

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