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Neighborhood Pay Services, saving people money with Rent From Payroll platform

NPS Rent Assurance

Ellen Calmas, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Neighborhood Pay Services, the company that pioneered Rent From Payroll with the NPS Rent Assurance platform joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Ellen Calmas discuss the following:

  • What is ‘rent from payroll’?
  • Who uses rent from payroll?  How is what you do different than other options when a consumer goes to rent an apartment?
  • So your program saves people money?
  • Is it very hard for people who have seen their credit hurt to secure a rental lease?  Why do they try if it’s going to be very expensive?
  • Is that why you launched your company and rent from payroll?
  • What’s the value to multifamily companies of working with NPS Rent Assurance?
  • How do you connect with multifamily companies?
  • How can renters find a community that offers NPS Rent Assurance?

Duration: 13:41

Ellen Calmas is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Neighborhood Pay Services, the company that pioneered Rent From Payroll with the NPS Rent Assurance platform. As guardian of the NPS Rent Assurance brand, Ellen’s job is to build awareness of their value to prospective multifamily property clients so that they can build opportunities to help them increase profitability from market rate assets that have the potential for improved earnings. She joined the company in the concept stage when the idea of building a business by creating a new solution to address credit risk melded with the need to help millions of people with less than perfect credit to put a roof overhead. She is proud of the program we they developed and the inroads they have made in carving a new niche to improve economic occupancy for rental communities.

Ellen and her team are passionate about improving the dynamics between credit and access to rental housing for America’s middle class. They work each day to educate property management professionals about the value of funds being put aside automatically from payroll each pay period and secured for rent as the impetus for re-shaping lease terms in the conditional acceptance category, helping clients capture meaningful incremental revenue and cost savings through increased occupancy and dramatically lower default rates.

NPS Rent Assurance

Web Site: www.npsrentassurance.com

Link to Pre-Order White Paper / The Rent From Payroll Advantage: npsrentassurance.com/how-rent-assurance-works/rent-from-payroll

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