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Navigating Online Reviews for Small Businesses

Susanne Jones

Susanne Jones, Hearing Instrument Specialist and Customer Support Specialist at, a website that provides information to consumers about hearing loss and hearing aids joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio to discuss online reviews for small businesses.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Susanne Jones discuss the following:

  • Why is online reputation management especially important for small businesses?
  • Why should small business owners care about seeking online reviews?
  • How can small business owners encourage their customers to write reviews?
  • What should a small business owner do to avoid negative reviews?
  • What should they do if they get a negative review?

Tip: There are many places online for consumers to leave reviews of businesses and it can be confusing if you offer too many choices. Find out where your customers already spend time online to seek and give feedback, and encourage them to review you there. People don’t want to do something unfamiliar; they want to stick with what feels comfortable.

Susanne Jones is the Customer Support Specialist for Healthy Hearing ( and assists hearing care practitioners with marketing and online reputation building. She been featured in the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s Leader Magazine for her expertise in the area of online reviews for hearing clinics and has presented on the topic at the American Academy of Audiology’s AudiologyNOW conference. She manages the consumer review process at, which has over 12,000 reviews of hearing clinics nationwide.

Susanne holds a BA in Communication from Bradley University and is an experienced Hearing Instrument Specialist. She loves knowing the work she does every day helps hearing care practitioners all over the country provide quality care to people with hearing loss.

Susanne resides near Roscoe, IL with her husband and two children. Outside of the office, she enjoys sports, mid-century modern architecture and design, cooking and visiting wineries.

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