Multiple Instagram Photos in One Post: How to get IG Likes

Instagram is constantly being updated, changed and modernized. We are all very happy about this, and it’s really very cool. However, some additions to the application and new added features raise many questions from users. You have to look for answers to them on the Internet yourself or sort it out “along the way”. Therefore, in today’s article, we decided to answer one of these questions. Namely: how to add several photos to Instagram and why do you need it for getting multiple picture likes? We hope this information will be useful to you.

How to take multiple Instagram photos in one post

Many people know that after the next update on Instagram, it became possible to add several photos to one post at once. What for? First, so that users can diversify their content. Secondly, to implement ideas that were impossible without this function.

Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels

Why upload multiple photos to Instagram in one post?

We think this feature has been very useful indeed. She immediately fell in love with many and now this kind of post. But if you have not yet found the use of the new feature on Instagram, we will give you some examples of how you can use the publication of several at the same time in your profile:

  • A series of photographs united by one subject. This is a very interesting way to diversify your content without cluttering your profile. If your content is diverse enough and you post posts on different topics, then it is sometimes beneficial to post some photos as one post. These can be photos from one trip or all photos taken on the same day. By combining them, you can avoid the fact that half of your tape will be about the same. In this case, followers will see all the photos associated with the event. In addition, under a series of photos, you can write a large text that will tell in detail about what happened and about your impressions.
  • Photo session or photo in the same style or scenery. It often happens that we cannot decide which of several photographs to choose. Sometimes you want to lay out several at once. However, many users who support the general appearance of the account know that several almost identical photos in a row can negatively affect it. And IG followers can get bored of seeing the same thing. Therefore, we recommend uploading these photos in one post. Users will see all of them, but you will not have to post these photos one after another.
  • Photos that require a certain sequence. The multi-photo posting feature avoids “continue on next post” and helps your followers stay out of their way. Often the photos must go one after the other. It can be a story, a comic strip, several sequential photos of an event, a recipe in a photo, instructions and much more. The possibilities are endless. The main thing is that users will understand the correct sequence of photos and they will perceive them as a solid material.

These are just some of the possibilities that the simultaneous publication of several photos gives us. The rest depends on your imagination, creativity and imagination. In any case, if you are promoting your account or just want to share something new with your followers and likes for multiple pictures, we advise you to try this feature at least once.

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