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Moving to a New Office Space? 5 Must-know tips for a Smooth Move

Posted: November 4, 2019 at 7:53 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Moving an entire house is already a stress-inducing saga. Imagine how stressful moving an entire office would be. At least your family only has 4 people, not 45! Still, moving offices is something most companies will need to do at some point, often due to growth but often due to changing business conditions. When the time comes to move the office, the right advice can help everyone at your company keeps their head above water. Having experienced thousands of business moves, Oz Moving has established a few best practices to help companies manage their office moves to the best of their ability.


Office leases are quite different from apartment or house leases. It takes much more time and effort to get an office space ready for your company than it does to prepare a home for your family. Tasks like installing phone lines, internet, setting up furniture, etc. that are much larger in scale than in residential moves or taken care of in most apartments take up a lot of time. Oz recommends businesses search leases 6 months ahead of time – giving them time to figure out what in the space needs to be retrofit to accommodate their business’s needs.


After we talked to a number of employees about their experiences moved offices, we learned how reliant they are on their IT department to get work done. Any interruption in internet service causes tremendous ripple effects towards the business’s operations, and often big problems can occur around the moving process. Workers can cope with certain processes of the move incomplete, but there is often no working around a lack of connectivity to the world wide web. Businesses that prioritize the connectivity of their new workspace early in their workforce’s transition will see little interruption in their business’s productivity. If there are irreparable issues early with internet service, companies can allow their employees to work from home to ensure they can communicate with clients and collaborators across the globe.  


After the lease has been signed on a new office location, office managers need to consider what items they will be bringing with them. Not every piece of furniture in the old office will fit in the new one. Businesses should strive for an uncluttered working environment, and not just idly pack away everything still sitting in their old office. Since the corporate moving process is prolonged, there is additional time to fully assess the items that sit in the old office, and determine whether or not they will all fit in the old office. Once the decision is reached, items that don’t pass the test can be donated, sold, or recycled.


Oz Moving & Storage has grown its commercial department to become one of New York City’s most trusted corporate movers. The motto that has allowed Oz to rise in the industry is a simple refrain: “Create as little disruption as possible.” The most crucial aspect that determines the success of failure of a commercial move is the business’s ability to continue its operations for as much of the transitional period as possible. So Oz plans, packs, and moves strategically with the business side of the business in mind. It is the job of a commercial moving company to allow everyone at the company they are moving to continue working on their job. 

5. Moving Mics/Pod Equipment & Pop Filters 

 Any business moving podcasting equipment should take additional precautions with fragile, expensive pieces like microphones. The methods professionals use to pack items like fine china are applicable here. If there is not a carrying case available for individual microphones, they can be wrapped separately in packing paper or bubble wrap to protect them in transit. Make sure to use well-insulated, high quality moving boxes to make sure your podcast equipment is protected during the moving process. Using brand new moving boxes is advisable when handling these valuable items. Make sure boxes with cables used to connect microphones are clearly labelled to avoid confusion when unpacking. Try to pack items that will go inside the same rooms together for an easy unpacking process. 


TJ Peterson is the content writer and digital marketing manager for Oz Moving & Storage. Oz is celebrating over 25 years in the moving business. Our founder Avi Oz brought his expertise from another mover’s commercial department in starting his own business, though Oz only later branched out to commercial moving. Since establishing ourselves as high-end commercial movers, Oz has handled moving for large companies such as Oscar De La Renta, the New York Islanders, and the Brooklyn Historical Society. 

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