Meet Tony Greenberg: Innovation Meets Impact with RampRate Founder and CEO

Tony Greenberg the Founder and CEO of RampRate, a global advisory firm elevating the way business does business joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye & guest Tony Greenbergdiscuss the following:

  1. RampRate is an advisory firm for working with enterprises—and you have a few decades under your belt doing this so…what is your vision with the company. How do you make impact in the entrepreneur world?
  2. How do you help businesses integrate new emerging platforms like AI, metaverse, blockchain and edge computing into their infrastructure?
  3. What is your methodology or approach in helping them “Ramp up” to these innovations?
  4. What are you most excited about the last half of 2023 in terms of helping businesses accelerate into 2024?
  5. Where can our audience learn more about engaging with RampRate?

Tony Greenberg is Founder and CEO of RampRate, a global advisory firm. For more than two decades, Tony has been the world’s leading expert at optimizing digital supply chains for cost, performance, and innovation—saving clients hundreds of millions of dollars, improving flexibility, and optimizing supplier relationships for more than 250 top brands such as Microsoft, ATT, eBay, Nike, and Hearst, while ensuring that corporate social responsibility becomes a bigger part of IT decision making.

A mission-driven human and life-long entrepreneur, Tony now fosters and grows projects with transformative potential, including blockchain technologies that democratize access to investment, reduce the potential for corruption, create a new economy, and “elevate the way business does business. Tony also serves as an investor and advisor to more than a dozen startups focused on maximizing social impact in blockchain, health care, and emerging markets. Tony is mentoring executive teams as well as building partnerships and go-to-market strategies to turn good ideas into thriving businesses.


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Twitter: @RampRate

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