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Meet Stella Petrou Concha: Award winning entrepreneur and game-changer

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Stella Petrou Concha, an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Reo Group, a specialised finance management consultancy and recruitment agency from Sydney Australia joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Stella Petrou Concha discuss the following:

  1. rom a career starting in medicine to leading one of the fastest growing brands in Australia – tell us a bit about your journey to this point?
  2. What is it about your leadership that you believe has allowed Reo Group to become the award winning and impactful brand it has become?
  3. Giving back is obviously a really important part of your leadership and approach, can you tell us briefly about your Elevate a nation campaign?
  4. How has your commitment to elevating human potential, resulted in a strong team around you?
  5. Can you please give some advice to other women in business who are trying to forge their own paths?

Stella Petrou Concha is the inspiring Co-Founder, CEO, and driving force behind fast-growing brand Reo Group. Her mission is to elevate human potential by working with executives to deliver value for their organisations through leadership, strategy and vision.

Commencing a career in medicine, she quickly realised the doctor-patient dynamic was never going to meet her need and lifelong goal to help people on a deeply personal level. Instead she discovered a powerful alignment with the recruitment and management consulting industry.

​Stella founded Reo Group in 2009, and since then the business has won many industry awards, including being named a BRW Fast 100 company

Stella was named one of Australia’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs and currently Chairs for CEO consortium ‘2020 Exchange’.

​Reo Group’s giving campaign, “Elevate a Nation”, which aims to provide 50,000 days of education to underprivileged children in Australia by 2021.

​Through her energy, intuition, and vision, Stella brings a unique and powerfully ‘human’ perspective to the Australian recruitment and consulting industries.

​She believes that it is only through facing and overcoming life’s great challenges, in particular failure, that individuals can grow and develop, and has built her organisation on the notion that ‘failing forward’ is the key to success.


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