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Meet Robert Steele, Founder and CEO of the Revolutionizing Social Media App Thumzup

Posted: June 24, 2023 at 5:05 pm / by / comments (0)

Robert Steele, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Thumzup®, a media corporation democratizing the multi-billion dollar social media branding and marketing industry joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye & guest Robert Steele discuss the following:

  1. Please give us a little bit of background on your experience…that led you to Thumzup.
  2. When initially founding Thumzup, what was the ah-ha moment that turned your idea into a fully operating business and mobile app?
  3. What is your company’s vision for the next 5 years?
  4. Why did you choose to focus on democratizing social media marketing?
  5. Why did you choose to focus the app’s initial launch on the Westside of Los Angeles?
  6. Tell us a little bit about your journey of taking the company public and why you chose to use the Reg A+ crowdfunding strategy.
  7. If you have any tips to provide younger entrepreneurs/start-up founders looking to pursue a successful career, what advice would you give?

Robert Steele is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Thumzup. A technologist at heart, Robert learned to program a computer at 8 years old and by the time he was 12 years old, he purchased an Apple II and began his first technology company with game controllers for the brand-new Apple II computers, which were sold through local computer stores.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from George Mason University, Robert and his co-founders created one of the first PC-based GIS systems (Graphical Information Systems) for the Fairfax County cable television system. This system was one of the first times that utility maps for an entire county could be edited and maintained on PC-based technology.

In 1999, Robert foresaw that in the future, everyone would have a computer in their pocket in the form of a smartphone and founded iBrite, which designed groundbreaking mobile software. The patent application that Robert filed for iBrite has been cited more than 30 times and the iBrite software was used by Mapquest to put maps on a mobile device for the first time that we know of and was also used to put Microsoft Powerpoint on a Palm mobile device (which he believes was the first time this was done).

Robert has been CEO of two publicly traded companies. One was a business process outsourcing services whose clients included Fortune 500 clients like Amgen, FedEx, GMAC and Ecolab (NYSE: ECL) and processed more than $1B a year in accounts payable transactions for Ecolab and scanned more than 30 million pages of loan documentation for GMAC. The other developed software that searches the Internet for copyright infringement and to date more than $1B in civil judgments have been awarded to copyright holders based on the case law that resulted from this technology.


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