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Mastering the Muted Metrics of Modern SEO

Billy Mansmann, Mastering the Muted Metrics of Modern SEO

Billy Mansmann, Director of Performance Analytics at BCM, a performance marketing agency that focusing on post-cookie measurement solutions within modern SEO joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Billy Mansmann discuss the following:

  1. What exactly is zero-click search and why does it present a challenge to businesses and agencies alike?
  2. How does the growing presence of AI make zero-click search a more prevalent issue than ever before?
  3. How can websites quantify the value of zero click searches to their business, given no direct traffic comes from them?
  4. How does this approach fit into your larger approach to measurement?
  5. What advice would give to businesses & agencies on how to future proof their measurement strategy in a zero-click world?

Billy Mansmann, Director of Performance Analytics at BCM

Mansmann brings a wealth of experience to the role. A graduate in Biometry & Statistics from Cornell University, he specializes in computational statistics and machine learning. Billy’s early career focused on paid search for renowned brands like Directv, NFL Sunday Ticket, Dyson, and General Mills. His expertise lies in leveraging machine learning algorithms and automation for clients.

In 2022, Billy joined BCM to combine his digital media knowledge with data analytics. As Director of Performance Analytics, he focuses on automation, statistical test design for media measurement, and delivering performance insights that drive business growth.



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