Mastering Development and Culture: The Pills in the Peanut Butter

Matt Drinkhahn, Host of The Eternal Optimist Podcast and Business Coach at ProAdvisor Coach that helps leaders break through their barriers so they can grow themselves and their people joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listento hostEric Dye& guest Matt Drinkhahn discuss the following:

  1. How might business leaders learn to develop their people faster and in a more effective way?
  2. What challenging situations in business might we reasonably predict are going to happen, that we might use as training exercises in developing our people?
  3. How might we turn around a struggling culture within a team?
  4. How can leaders learn to challenge their top performers to new, unheard of levels of production?
  5. How might we turn our clients into raving fans?

Matt Drinkhahn is a successful entrepreneur and veteran in the corporate world where he has specialized in sales, coaching, recruiting, leadership, and sales management throughout his career. He acquired his formal education at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC with a double major in Psychology and Business Economics.

Before his graduation in 1999, he opened his first business in Winston-Salem and over his first 5 years out of school he recruited over 2000 sales representatives for Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery throughout the Carolinas.

He then moved on to pursue his dream as a professional golfer. He played the professional golf mini-tour circuit for three years before moving into corporate America to work for Clearwire.

After building one of the most successful direct sales teams in the company’s history in Atlanta, he was promoted to General Manager and moved with the company to Nashville, Boston, and then Providence. After a great deal of success Matt was heavily recruited and moved to Charlotte, NC to recruit and train the field sales team for Time Warner Cable Business Class.

He spent nearly 3 years there achieving great results when he decided it was time to follow his passion to help individuals and teams perform at high levels through business coaching and consulting with ProAdvisor Coach.

He has been coaching high performance individuals and Teams for 8 years with ProAdvisorCoach with a special emphasis in financial services, real estate, banking, technology, and retail organizations. He’s led dozens of offsite retreats and conferences while maintaining the core of coaching in 1-1 and Team coaching environments.

One of the recent defining moments in Matt’s career came as a result of a freak zipline accident in 2015. As he was speeding down a zipline, the attachment to the line broke and sent him falling to the ground where he crash-landed directly on his spine.

Over the next 9 months his physical health deteriorated to the point where he ultimately wasn’t able to walk anymore and was in constant excruciating pain.

Using his strategy of “let your adversities guide your growth”, he turned this great challenge into a great teacher and coached and spoke to teams and companies as he was literally lying flat on his back in his home office.

Ultimately 2016 was his best year in business up to that date and Matt credits the support of his family and the preparation of his mindset through “eternal optimism” for his success. Watch for his podcast, The Eternal Optimist Podcast, coming in Q2 2022!

Matt’s career has been highlighted by his passion for his customers and people.

His career sales totals exceed $130 Million.

He’s coached and given talks within organizations such as Equitable, Vector Marketing, Red Hat, CoreNet, EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization), Oracle, Bank of America, Tarkett, Rheem, Google, and Front Row Dads.

He has grown his reputation on the platforms of integrity for doing the right thing the right way and his highly energetic and enthusiastic personality.

Matt lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Julie and their 3 young daughters where he enjoys being a scratch golfer, avid sports fan, real estate investor, and a VERY active family man 😊.


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